Slept in again? Here's 7 quick and easy hairstyle tips to get you out the door on time.

So you’ve slept in late… again.

You need to be at work within the hour, but you know you’ve got a big meeting on today – so bed hair is just not going to cut it.

Here’s how to look put-together in the hair department, even when you’ve only had five minutes to get ready.

Slept in yet again?

 1. Invest in a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo works wonders on reviving and refreshing oily, dirty hair. Tip your head upside down and spray liberally on the roots. This will boost the hair and give you some lift and movement. Work the product through with your fingertips.

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Avoid spraying the dry shampoo right at the top of your hair because this can sometimes leave you with a chalky give away. It also has the added bonus of giving you more grip if you are creating an up-do. Another tip – try spraying the product in the night before if you can (it absorbs more oil that way).

2. If you have time, straighten or curl (depending on your hairstyle) only the top section of your hair.

This will make your finished style look a lot more polished and you can work your hair into an undo which looks like it took a lot longer than it did. Even just taming the fly-aways around your face can have an effect on your overall look.

If you are super desperate and on the run, smoothing random beauty products like moisturiser or even lip gloss will help flatten down those fly-aways.

3. Have a good ‘last minute’ hairstyle up your sleeve.

For me, it used to be a high messy bun. I’d curl the top sections and work the rest up high on to my head. Now that I have short hair, I’m loving a last minute back comb around the roots and finished with some sea salt and a black band.


4. Invest in accessories.

Having a few hair accessories at your disposal will make your finished look a lot more thought out than it was. Think of some headbands, clasps and clips that will turn the simple pony into an office appropriate ‘do.

5. Think braids.

Braids are your friend if you have hair long enough to make it work. They’re simple, classic and will hide a multitude of hair sins (even if you’ve run out of the house with hair still half-dry). Plus, the bonus is that when you take them out at the end of the day you’ve scored yourself some pretty sweet beach waves. So really, you get two days of hairstyles for five minutes of work. Winning.

 6. Splurge on a hair donut.

OK, you won’t need to splurge – they only cost a couple of bucks. But I’ve never come across a beauty item that is a) so cheap, b) so easy to use and that c) makes you look so instantly polished and pulled-together. Seriously – it only takes about five minutes to do, and your hair is then good enough to attend a wedding or a power meeting. It’s genius.

7. Headscarves are your new best friend.

Channel your inner Bohemian and cover up your messy, unwashed hair with a pretty headscarf. The beauty of this one is that messy waves actually complement the look, so there’s little need to do anything else to your hair.

What’s your go-to hair trick for busy mornings?

These are all the products you need to nail these quick and easy hairstyles …


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