Hairdressers confess to their biggest client disasters.

So here’s something you probably don’t want to hear: hairdressers make mistakes. Like, big mistakes.

And as one of the few people on this planet who we really, really need to trust…that’s not good news. There is an absolutely terrifying Reddit thread currently in circulation in which hairdressers are ‘fessing up to their worst accidents.

From ripping off eyebrows to hacking off hair, it’s almost enough to convince us to grow our locks in a long plait down our back and never see a hairdressing salon again.

Fringe hacks for the time-poor. (Post continues after video)

“I’ll have the Joe Dirt, please.”

“Not a hairdresser, but in middle school I was expecting to get a cool haircut and ended up getting a haircut that made me look like Joe Dirt (for those not familiar with Joe Dirt’s hair, it’s a mullet with a rat’s tail). While I was getting the haircut, the stylist was telling me about how I would “stand out” and “be noticed”.

It took about two years after that haircut for my hair to go back to a relatively normal state and it definitely left me with a distrust towards hairstylists in the same way that some people are weary of dentists and doctors. That haircut made year seven and eight hell for me and I still cringe when I see pics of myself from back then.”


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Shades of grey.

“I apply one hair colour on the front part of her head. Nobody told me we ran out of that color before I applied it so the back looks like a completely different color trying to recreate the original one. Not my proudest moment.”

Colour mix up.

“Not a hairdresser but went to a beauty school to have someone get the black out of my hair. Damn me for being cheap; she didn’t mix enough colour for my whole head and had to go get more half way through coloring. When she washed it out half my hair was black and the other half was brown, right down the middle. I had to wear a hat for a week till I could go back and get it fixed.”

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Fade out. 

“When I first started out, this guy came in wanting a no-guard fade. I was nervous but wanted to try it (it was my first no-guard fade… I didn’t tell him that though) I took my time on it and about 30 mins later I was done and it looked awesome, except the back of his neck needed faded in just a tad more. I take my clippers, push down and bam. He’s got a huge, straight line cut on the back of neck and it’s bleeding.”

Uneven cut.

“When I first started I had to cut this little girl’s hair. It was really uneven. I just have no idea where I went wrong because I had done the cut dozens of times. I felt so bad. I’ve never been one of the hairdressers who cuts four inches when you say one inch. But we had to go very short to save my lopsided cut.


I have a lot of people make me do two haircuts because ‘oh, I told you I wanted a lot less off because everyone always takes too much off but you actually did what I asked you to do’: sigh. I guess it is easier to take more off than glue it back on.”


I can’t hear you.

“My co-worker had her eardrum punctured by scissors.”

Orange surprise.

“I have almost black hair and I [wanted to] go super blonde and she [the hairdresser] said she could do it. I repeatedly made sure she could match the rest of my hair. She said it was nothing and that she could. Three hours later…nope. She turned three inches at the top orange and melted a lot of hair off. She said it would be better after toning. I’m no hairdresser but I knew there was no way toning would get it much more blonde to match!”


Honest mistake.

“Not me but best friend picked up her regular shears instead of thinning shears. The girls hair was to her bra strap. She left with an a line bob.”

And it was all yellow.

“My mum always drag me to the only real hairdresser in town all the time and she was awful. She had no idea how to cut curly hair and would always cut it two inches too short. When I was a teen I wanted the chunky highlights that were trendy in the early 2000s and she refused; instead, she put so many highlights in that the top layer of my hair was basically yellow.”