The hair salon that offers a no-talking service. Yes please.

Don’t DIY because you don’t want to chat at the hair salon! We have a solution. (Source: iStock.)

Finally, a hair salon has debuted a “quiet chair”, for those who prefer their hair cut with no added chit-chat, please. Because we all know that there’s two distinct types of people in the world: those who love gossiping with their hairdresser, and those who would just want their damn haircut.

The owner of this innovative Welsh salon, Scott Miller, explained that he introduced the “quiet chair” to Bauhaus hair salon in a bid to make all customers feel comfortable.

“Our team is full of brilliant conversationalists, it’s an important part of being a hair stylist, and most of our customers love coming in to have a chat but at the same time, we understand people lead busy lives where they may have been communicating with people all day and want some relief,” he told Wales Online.

Watch Lizzie style her bob in under 5 minutes. (Post continues after video.)

This genius, tranquil service will also soothe customers who are possibly insecure about their conversational skills.

At Bauhaus hair salon, you can choose to have your hair cut in silence. (Source:


"Of course, we’ll talk to them about their hair and what they want, but apart from that, they’ll be able to enjoy the experience in silence and read a magazine uninterrupted if they want to," he explains. explained Miller said.

Perhaps these celebs also avoid the hairdresser. It would explain their long hair. (Post continues after gallery.)

With a “quiet chair”, the process is simplified: you’re just there to get your haircut. And read the trashy magazines.

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Do you love a chat at the hair salon, or does the idea of a "quiet chair" appeal to you?