"I asked my hairdresser to turn me blonde and I got way more than I bargained for."

Hair appointments aren’t exactly fraught with disaster, but there are a few not-so-wonderful things that can happen.

There’s no doubt that walking away with a cut or colour you absolutely hate is the worst case scenario — but we think we’ve found a close second.

Redditor Hairsquirrel shared a highly cringe-worthy salon anecdote on the website, and asked users for their advice.

“I went to the salon to get my hair dyed. I was a new client and I wanted to go blonde. She bleached my hair, washed it, cut it and I was sent on my way after paying,” she explained.

Discovering you have blue hair isn't the only potential disaster. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

"She didn't show me the back of my hair like I'm used to whenever I usually get my hair done. If she had, I might have seen the giant bleach spot on the back of my shirt."


After removing the cape, the stylist mentioned the T-shirt had got a little wet, but Hairsquirrel — not realising there was bleach in the mix as well — brushed it off as no big deal.

She also didn't ask to see the back of her hair because the appointment had already taken more than three hours and her husband was waiting.

Watch: A blonde hair expert shares her top maintenance tips. (Post continues after video.)

Unfortunately, by the time she realised what had happened the damage was done.

"My shirt is basically ruined. Its a T-shirt so it's not like a favourite top or anything, but I'm still rather annoyed by it," Hairsquirrel writes.

"I feel like this could have been prevented if she had put a towel around my neck like other salons have done when they've washed my hair."

Although we're not in completely unchartered salon etiquette waters here — a quick Google search reveals other clients have left the salon with bleach marks on their clothing — the next step isn't necessarily clear.

The perils of hair bleach... (Image: iStock)

In the event of a haircut gone wrong, clients are always urged to return to the salon and voice their concern.

Yet a destroyed garment is a little harder to remedy, especially if it can't be easily replaced.

"Should I go back and complain that my shirt is messed up? ... Obviously, the stylist can't fix my shirt, but I still feel like I should voice a complaint or be compensated in some way," the Redditor wrote.

"I don't want to be rude, but I'm not thrilled by the experience, and I'd rather handle this with the stylist than with a shitty Facebook review." (Post continues after gallery.)


At the time of writing the inquiry has received just one response, which claims the situation is "not at all normal."

"I would go back and complain and demand that they pay for a new shirt," the commenter added.

What would you do in this situation? Have you ever had a hair appointment go awry?

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