The 5 new rules for hair you need to know about, according to a beauty writer.

ICYMI, it's pretty grim outside. Now that it's July, winter is definitely making itself known.

I don't know about you, but when everything's a little dreary and bleh (and everyone on Instagram appears to be in Europe), there's nothing like something new to lift my spirits - whether that's clothes, skincare or fresh hair.

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With hair trends constantly evolving - thanks to celebs and influencers changing theirs at the drop of a hat - it's hard to know what's in and what's done for.

In 2022, there are some new hair rules you really should be across - from the products to use to the styles you need to try.

Pop in a hair mask and read on... 

Rule #1: Hair health is first priority.

If you get your hair coloured or use hot tools (or both, like me), you'll know just how easy it is to damage it.

Whilst highlights and beachy curls both look amazing, the process to achieve either can cause dryness, split ends and breakage if you don't look after your hair properly.

In 2022, there's been a real shift from hair that just looks good to hair that is healthy too. And it makes total sense.

Just like with makeup and skincare, makeup is always going to look better if your is skin is cared for. The same applies to hair - the better condition it's in, the better the colour or style will look.

And there are so many products on the market to achieve those hydrated, glossy locks you've always wanted - oils, masks, heat protectants, even daily supplements.

But don't feel the need to try all of them (it's a lot, I know). Consider using an oil or leave-in treatment after washing, or at the very least, use a heat protectant every time you use your straightener.


You'll notice a difference, promise.

Rule #2: Bangs are trending, but not the ones you think.

If you have a scroll through Instagram or TikTok right now, there's a good chance you'll spot various women rocking the same hairstyle: a bouncy blow-dry with layers and curtain bangs.

It's all thanks to influencers like Swedish fashion blogger, Matilda Djerf. 

Unlike a blunt fridge, curtain bangs (also known as face framing) accentuate the face rather than hiding half of it. And they look great paired with layers and a '90s blowout.

If you haven't tried them before, I highly suggest getting them next time you're at the salon.

They'll grow out after all.


Rule #3: Natural colour dominates.

Less is more in 2022. A number of celebrities are opting for their natural hair colour this year, including It-girl and all-round trendsetter Hailey Bieber.

Not only is it low maintenance, but it also gives your hair a break from bleach (if you're also not a natural blonde).


And this trend doesn't stop at hair colour - you'll also notice women leaning into their natural curls and texture for the same reason. 


Rule #4: If you want colour, go red.

Hello, red!

If you are looking to try something a little bolder, the other most popular hair colour of 2022 is definitely red. 

After various A-list celebrities tried it - including Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney, Sophie Turner and Doja Cat - the vibrant shade has become wildly popular.

It doesn't have to be intimidating either - you can go classic redhead with a more ginger colour or go all out with deep cherry.

And it suits so many skin tones and complexions.


Rule #5: Low maintenance hairstyles are it.

Quick, easy and looks good - three words to describe the hairstyles we're leaning into in 2022.


Following lockdown, where we didn't bother getting ready that much and now, with the torrential rain across the east coast, no one wants to spend 30-plus minutes styling their hair. 

So, there's one hairstyle trending: the slicked-back look.

Whether that's a bun, a braid or ponytail, this simple hairstyle looks sleek, takes minutes to create, and lasts all day (no matter how rainy or windy it is).

So, expect to see lots of gels and products for looks like this. 

The slicked-back look is here to stay.


And want to make it even cuter? Add some colourful clips to the look. 

Yep, the '90s are well and truly back.

Feature Image: Supplied/Instagram/@amandaleehair.

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