These 7 tips from hair experts will completely change your life.

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Hair is a fickle thing. 

I know I am one of many just trying to figure out the best way to organise a wash routine, get the perfect blowdry or sort out that oily scalp situation. 

I’ve consulted the best hair experts from hairtok to round up the 7 best tips to level up your hair routine (and life) for good! We have scalp care, oiling, protective styles and the best way to get that sleek styled look without damaging your tresses. 

So, let’s get into it and be prepared to take notes.

1. Scalp scrub once a week

I know I am not the only one who loves a bit of dry shampoo or volumising spray at the roots or pushing my hair an extra wash or two so I don’t have to deal with it. The result of this is a lot of product build-up and a scalp that starts to feel pretty unhappy — enter, the scalp scrub. 

Rachel Valentine (@rachelvalentine) is a trichologist in training and shares how she thinks "scalp scrubs are so underrated, I feel like everyone should have one in their haircare routine".

"I'm putting small amounts on, parting my hair and putting it directly onto the scalp," explains Rachel, demonstrating the method to best work the scrub in. Once you’ve rinsed it out, you can then finish the rest of your wash routine, maybe opting for a more hydrating conditioner or mask after such a cleansing first step.  

2. Get frizz-free, smooth styles from wet hair

If you're someone that loves a smooth, sleek look, I have got to put you onto the 2-in-1 ghd duet style — when it comes to hair styling, this is a complete time-saver! You can conveniently use it on wet hair and take it all the way to your styled look with ease. It uses 4 low temperature smart plates and a high-tech airflow channel to dry and then straighten your hair without heat damage or sizzling. The result? A faster styling routine that leaves hair feeling sleek and soft for up to 48 hours. 


Image: Instagram/@ghdhair_anz

If you’re going for that extra shiny finish, make sure you prep your hair with the ghd sleek talker hair oil, which helps to further protect the hair from heat styling and replenish the hair from the inside out. You can activate the Shine Shot mode on the duet style to transform it into that iconic ghd straightener, set at the optimal temperature of 185°C with no air — ready to straighten, wave or curl your hair. So perfect to give everything a final once over for that ultra sleek or styled look. 


3. Wash out hair masks and treatments properly

If you have ever had a mask or treatment done at the salon and *loved* the results, only to buy the product and feel like a greasy mop at home, this tip is for you. 

"[Your] #hairmask isn't making your hair greasy, u just didn't rinse it out well enough" is the caption on a video from Matt Newman, @mattloveshair on TikTok, describing how thick hair masks need to be properly rinsed out in order to get the full benefits from it. 

Most hair masks are a nice, thick texture that contain oils and other rich ingredients for a truly nourishing treatment. This means that once it’s time to rinse it off, you do need to be thorough, using lukewarm or cool water to help seal the cuticles. 

"I beg you to give it a try and rinse if for a solid 60 seconds longer than you think you have to," says Matt.

4. Blow dry your hair with a tool that doesn’t damage it 

I know we all love that bouncy, blow-dried look, but not all the effort (and damage!) that can come with it, so let me tell you about the ghd duet blowdry. They have reinvented the hairdryer and made it so much easier for you and better for your hair — why on earth wasn’t this around when I used to always dry my hair on the hottest setting?!

It’s with you for the whole styling process, taking you from wet to dry hair and then helping you add that shine and bounce, streamlining your routine without compromising on hair health. The unique heated barrel and bristles help you to gently dry the hair, avoiding frizz and flyaways but giving three times more volume. Use with the ghd volume forever volumising blow dry cream for extra added volume and hold.  


5. Protect your hair when you sleep

In my mind, I’m a delightful sleeper, a true sleeping beauty peacefully at rest without a single hair disturbed. In reality, I often wake up with a very not-cute birds nest on my head. Enter, protective sleep styles.

Abbey Yung is a certified trichologist who shares all kinds of hair health advice on TikTok, including a super easy, no damage bun style to protect your hair overnight. The idea is to grab your hair and help pull it up, away from your neck and pillow, but without causing tension or tightness across your scalp.  

"Then to secure it, I don’t use a scrunchie, I don’t use a hair tie, I use something that creates the least tension possible and that is a mini claw clip," says Abbey.

It may take a try or two to get it right, but trust me, you’ll be sweeping your hair up like a pro in no time. 

Image: TikTok/@abbeyyung


6. Weekly hair oiling

If you are anything like me, you have no doubt seen people with luscious, healthy looking hair talk about how much they love hair oiling. To be honest, it does sound great but I never know where to start, or how it fits into my hair wash routine. 

Thankfully, Kayli Boyle (@kayli.boyle) has shared her full hair oil process and look, with hair like that, I trust her. In the original video, she credits hair oiling as contributing to her having longer and more dense hair. 

The first step is to detangle and brush out your hair, followed by a scalp massage.

For the actual oil, the application process is just parting your hair down the middle, applying three small drops of the oil to your scalp, then parting the hair an inch over and continuing the process. 

She emphasises that you only need one full dropper of product for your whole head as more than that is counterproductive and a "waste of product and money".

Massage it all into the scalp, using gentle circular motions and moving all over your head before pulling your hair back into a protective but not tight style. It is best to do this at least 30 minutes before your hair wash, but you can leave it on for 3-4 hours for a deeper oil treatment. 


Once you’re ready, just hop in the shower and make sure you do a double shampoo to cleanse out that oil residue.

"If you shampoo your roots twice and your ends feel gross after and your roots are oily, that means you put too much oil in," adds Kayli. 

7. Heat protection only works when applied properly

We all know how important it is to use a heat protectant when heat styling our hair (ghd's sleek talker hair oil is a quality go-to), even if we’re using a tool on a low temperature but I bet there’s a pretty good chance you’re applying it wrong.

"I always see people make the mistake of applying heat protection only on the outside layer of the hair," says Nerija (@nerija on TikTok), which if you think about it makes total sense. The product needs to be applied to all the hair that you’re styling, not just sprayed on the very top. 

"Section your hair, work from the bottom up and use a brush to distribute the product," adds Nerija. This helps the product coat your hair more evenly, so that it can actually protect it.  

Phew! That’s a whole lot of hair knowledge going on, so I hope you found something in there to help give you the best hair of your life. 

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Feature Image: TikTok/@mattloveshair, Instagram/@ghdhair_anz

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