One mum's simple Kmart hack to never lose your socks in the wash again.

Losing a sock in the wash. It’s a cliche for a bloody good reason.

Everyone has a pile of odd socks sitting somewhere in their bedroom draws. Because somehow at least one half of a pair always seems to go missing somewhere between taking them off your feet and getting them cleaned and back in the drawer.

But one clever Queensland mum has come up with a foolproof solution that makes it easy to ensure socks never disappear into thin air again.

Townsville mum-of-two Meg Vincent shared her hack in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

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“So this isn’t Pinterest pretty or anything but it is so helpful and easy so I wanted to share,” she wrote.

Basically, Meg explained, she sticks a delicates bag to the front of her washing machine and as soon as socks are taken off her, her husband or her childrens’ feet they go straight into the socks bag. Then when it’s time to do the washing, Meg zips up the back and pops it in the wash, knowing the matching pairs can’t go anywhere.

“This is a laundry bag from Kmart (one in a three pack) and I’ve attached it with Velcro dots so that I can rip it off and chuck it in the wash,” she explained.

The $6 pack and $2 pack of velcro dots make this solution cost about the same as a pack of new socks.

Image: Facebook

Meg's post got a huge reaction from fellow parents, with many calling it "genius".

The mum told Mamamia that it was "just this little thing that I did to help us out" and she had "no idea that people would like it".

"My kids are little - three and four years old - and I’d tried so many things to keep from losing socks but nothing worked too well for us," she said.

"Sticking a removable wash bag right on the washer was just this tiny thing that worked for us, so I wanted to share it."

"I honestly thought I’d be laughed at a bit because it’s not the most gorgeous of solutions, you know?"

It may not be gorgeous, but if it ends our odd sock collection, we really don't mind.