What habits have you taken from your partner?

When you start living with someone, or even hanging out with them platonically for a long while, you start to notice your actions and catch phrases change. You start to become more alike.

There is a good reason for this. If you hear something often enough, or see something practiced all the time in a similar way, your brain subconsciously decides that is the right way of doing or saying something. So it continues. Which means that more often that not partners start to resemble identical twins. Metaphorically, obviously.

One reddit user was happy to confess that for them, this much was true. They were becoming “freakishly similar” to their partner. And they weren’t alone.

This is what reddit came up with.

  • racificpim: “Instead of swearing when something goes wrong, I now say ‘oh very good’ in a really loud sarcastic voice. Such a shame I loved swearing.”
  • Funkays: “She always used to grab at my butt if I was going upstairs in front of her. Making me run away. So I started doing it back to her when she was in front of me. Now whenever I go upstairs with someone behind me I get that ‘gotta run up stairs and protect my butt’ feeling. Kind of like when you’re going up your basement stairs and feel the urge to sprint.”
  • DerNubenfrieken: “Sleeping naked. Always slept in boxers and a t shirt. Now I only sleep with pajamas if theres other people in the room or I’m on a couch or something.”

    Ah, sleeping naked. Image: iStock.
  • Phrich: "I used to be super lazy, but she is also super lazy. So I had to change because one of us needs to not be so lazy..."
  • schmengineer: "My wife occasionally snorts when she laughs, so I started snorting to make fun of her. That was a bad move on my part."
  • diegojones4: "Taking the time to tell supervisors that their employee was helpful."
  • Cambridge_: "Being f*cking late to every f*cking thing f*cking ever."

    Always running late. Image: iStock.
  • "When trying to jokingly piss her off she gives me this look like "are you fucking serious right now?" that I've adopted involuntarily now as well."
  • jkbyerly: "Brushing my teeth in the shower. My wife did it so the toothpaste was always in there when I needed it. Eventually I just started brushing mine in the shower, too. It is surprisingly efficient. 10/10 would recommend to others."
  • blindfire40: "I now claim and announce my farts."
  • "I don't pair socks anymore and I'm perfectly fine wearing a pink ankle sock and a blue knee-high because my husband's a lazy shit and thinks he's making a statement by wearing mismatched socks."

    Image: iStock.
  • ehjhockey: "Skin care. I've always had bad skin but I never cared. Then I dated a girl who worked at a Dior makeup counter."
  • bls38: "Not drinking bottled water. My girlfriend has a degree in Environmental Science and is super concious about waste/excess. I used to buy cases of bottled water for my apartment, but now I just drink tap water."

Ah, bless.

So what have you picked up from your SO?