A Melbourne gym is teaching its members how to use guns.

Has fear of terrorism reached a new peak in Melbourne? One gym is offering firearm classes for protection.

A Melbourne gym is offering gun a training course that focuses on Israeli Army combat techniques, delivering a special course in sniper training and how to use firearms.

Participants have paid $599 for the one-day class, which includes the use of a firearm and 250 rounds of ammunition.

The “Intro to Israeli Tactical Shooting” course is being offered by IDF Training in Caulfield, and sold out within 24 hours of its announcement.

There is now a waiting list for the class, which gym owners aspire to run every month.

Handgun practice. Image: Facebook.

The website states the 8-hour intensive course “will go from basic through to advanced Israeli tactical shooting techniques and it’s application under stress.”

According to The Age, the gym is best-known for its Krav Maga course – teaching its participants combat training techniques used by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

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The gym’s co-owner, and former IDF soldier, Avi Yemini says his philosophy is based on “always moving forward.”

“It’s changing the mentality in your head to break away from being a victim to being an aggressor,” he told The Age.

“Sniper training.” Image: Facebook.

The shooting class is offered to all members, subject to them holding a gun licence.

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A film produced by the gym claims: “If you get into a situation where you need to use it [a gun], you’re just going to react.”

“You’re going to learn how to take a weapon away from somebody, you’re going to learn how to take cover and shoot,” it says.

A woman featured in the film states: “I definitely feel better about carrying a gun, and knowing I’ll be able to handle myself.”

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Posted by IDF Training on Tuesday, 7 April 2015

However, while the gym claims to make sufficient background checks, there is currently no evidence of this.

Victorian authorities are looking in to the practice and whether it follows the appropriate legal processes.

Would you attend a firearms training class at your gym?