'I pay $168 for eight sessions. It's worth it.' 10 women on how much they spend on fitness.

I once paid £18 (just over $30) for a single fitness class and the only thing that slimmed down was my bank account.

It was a weak moment, I was living overseas and I’d read about a fancy spin class called Boom Cycle in central London that was described as a ‘party on a bike’…Whatever that means.

It sounded fun and I thought the splurge would suddenly inspire me to care about fitness.

Well, it didn’t. It was loud, dark and sweaty and I couldn’t figure out how to lock my shoes in to the bike properly. (The hand-cream in the change rooms did smell amazing, though).


The fitness industry is ever-growing here in Australia. In fact, according to a report released earlier this year by international research company IBISWorld, Australian fitness industry revenues are expected to grow to $2.4 billion by 2022/23.

That’s a lot of sweaty gym towels.

So, how much do people actually spend on their gym memberships and fitness classes, and why?

We asked around:

*Laura spends $168 on eight sessions of KX Pilates, the high-intensity 50 minute pilates workout. “I think it’s worth it,” she said of the cost.

*Hannah spends $70 a fortnight for unlimited classes at Virgin Active, and an additional $30 a month for a sporting team membership. That’s not including the annual $300 team membership fee. She said that the change rooms, which include GHD hair straighteners, are ‘pretty fab’ at Virgin.

*Kate previously paid $100 per month to Class Pass, which got her 10 different fitness classes. She said it worked out cheaper and she liked that she got to try out premium studios. One yoga studio offered free coconut water, and another served herbal teas before and after class.


“They play sound therapy bells and burn Palo Santo,” she added. Fancy shmancy.

(Sidenote: Palo Santo is some kind of magical South American wood similar to Frankincense. Thanks Google.)

*Amy has just signed up for a gym that is $77 a week for 3 sessions, but it’s $85 a week for unlimited.

*Maddy pays $64.95 a month at Anytime Fitness. “I don’t really like gym classes so it’s perfect for me!” she said.

*Caitlin spends $31.15 a fortnight for her gym. She said: “I don’t really like classes and t’s 24/7, so I can fit it in whenever I can get there.”

*Carly’s gym is $13.95 a week. She said it’s 24hr and while it doesn’t have classes ‘it’s a very friendly, non-showy place.’

*Jenny pays $60 a fortnight on one gym for Monday to Friday work outs, and $32 per fortnight for a gym by her house so she doesn’t have to travel to the city on weekends.

*Michelle pays a discounted $21 a week at Fitness First, and heads to the gym around five times a week to get her money’s worth.

And *Charlotte pays $216 for 12 sessions of KX Pilates.

Well, at least running is free.


How much do you spend on the gym? Let us know in the comments below.

Names have been changed.