OPINION: Sunscreen isn't toxic. But Gwyneth Paltrow's messaging is.

Oh Gwyn. Gwynnie, Gwynnie, Gwynnie. You're giving us some massive Pete Evans vibes right now, hun.

Have you heard about what's gone down with ol' mate GP? No? Well, let us give you a rundown. Please take a seat and prepare to be amazed at the unhinged and 100 per cent dangerous ridiculousness that is Gwyneth Paltrow's Vogue beauty tutorial.

Because while the actress and wellness brand founder may be notorious for all the whacky health advice she puts out to the world on her lifestyle site Goop, it was this recent video with Vogue that has sparked some pretty serious backlash. Like, HEAPS.

People are not happy with Gwyn right now. Especially dermatologists. 

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Video via Mamamia.

Have you watched it?

Look, the products Paltrow uses in her $900 'less is more' skincare routine (Goop, Goop, Goop and a couple of other brands mixed in) aren't exactly surprising, but it's what she actually says and the way in which she uses one particular product has left us scratching our heads.

Have a looskie at this:

If you can't be bothered to watch it (kudos to you, smart dame), most of the crazy stuff starts happening from 4:37, when the Goop guru takes us through the SPF part of her routine, where she applies sunscreen as... HIGHLIGHTER. 

She dabs it sparingly only on her nose and cheekbones, explaining how she's not a head-to-toe SPF kinda gal, and she just likes to place it "where the sun really hits".


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It's impossible to ignore just how seriously flawed the logic is here. It's. Really. Fckn. Incorrect. 

Now, we don't need to defend sunscreen (she's just fine, thanks), but the information regarding SPF and how to apply it is just wildly irresponsible. On a platform like this. C'mon, guys.

Applying SPF like highlighter... is literally just not how it works. THE SUN HITS ALL OF YOUR FACE. Not just your cheekbones and nose, Gwyneth. Instead of applying your daily sunscreen sparingly, you should be slathering that s**t all over your face.

For maximum sun protection, the Cancer Council tells us to apply at least one teaspoon (5mL) to your entire face, neck and chest if you don't want prematurely aged skin, or get, you know, skin cancer.

Listen: Oh! Look what we have here! An *actual* scientist who is able to tells you all the REAL facts about sunscreen. On this episode of You Beauty, Leigh sits down with chemistry PhD and science educator, Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin, to discuss all things sunscreen and sun safety. 

In a post on her Instagram Story, aesthetician Caroline Hirons called the SPF section of the video "dangerous" and "horrifying" - cause it is. It's cooked. Sun protection should not be treated as an accessory.

"I don't know what's more irresponsible: GP actually saying all of this, or @voguemagazine giving her the platform," Hirons wrote.

Beyond Paltrow sending an extremely dangerous and incorrect message about how to use sunscreen, there's also some good ol' fashion greenwashing thrown in there, too.

Paltrow said there are "harsh chemicals" in "conventional sunscreen" in the video, adding she uses "clean mineral sunscreen."

My eyes. They've rolled so far into the back of my head...

Please note: There's no medical definition of 'clean' sunscreen. Or 'non-toxic' sunscreen. So all of this is utter BS. 


Telling people not to use sunscreen because it is toxic or harmful is harmful AF. The right sunscreen for you is the one you don't mind applying — and reapplying — to your entire face.

Anyway, it's all very dramatic and fear-mongery, and it's riddled with dismissiveness and that kind of underlying Hollywood-esque superiority. 'Tis 10/10 gross.

Hirons wrote, "'Non-toxic' doesn't mean anything... ENOUGH of pandering to this utter bollocks as if it's true or based on science. Shame on your @voguemagazine. Selling through fear gives me real, genuine rage."

Cue: A flurry of experts calling out this absolute s**t show of a skincare tutorial.

Take a peek at some of the glorious clap backs below:

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Image: @carolinehirons 


Image: @carolinehirons 

Image: @carolinehirons 


While there were too many goodies to count, we think London-based dermatologist Dr Soma sums it up pretty well in an Instagram Story, as she calmly lays out Vogue Magazine and Gwyneth Paltrow like it's NBD.

She said: "Having watched the video, there is a lot of unsafe advice there that's been put out in a very public, popular platform that a lot of women and men read and is quite aspirational for a lot of people."

"It's very irresponsible to put this kind of misinformation that increases the risk of skin cancer on a platform," adds Dr Soma.

Hear, hear.

So, if you're interested in not ruining your skin and potentially setting yourself up for premature ageing and risk of skin cancer, do not listen to Gwyneth Paltrow. Use an SPF 50+ sunscreen and use it correctly.

And just in case this whole carnival has got you confused about sun protection, here's how much SPF you should really be putting on your skin - courtesy of Dr Soma:

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