Gwyneth Paltrow shares a rare photo of her mini-me kids.

And we can only see half her face…

Gwyneth Paltrow has shared a rare photo of her kids Apple, age 11 and Moses, age 9 on Instagram.

Despite the fact that most of Apple’s face is hidden by a motor-cycle helmet, it is clear to see, the 11-year-old is a dead ringer for her famous mum.

Apple and Moses.

The Apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Oh, come on. You know we had to. You’d have been disappointed if we didn’t.

As the kids of actress/health guru Paltrow, and one of the world’s biggest rock stars, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Apple and Moses are snapped more than most, but Paltrow is pretty sparing when it comes to posting photos of them herself.

Gwyneth captioned the photo “Brother Proof. Sort of.” So we’re guessing these two get up to more than a bit of trouble. Hence the protective head gear.

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The similarity all in the eyes we think. And we weren’t the only ones to notice.

“She’s your twin @gwynethpaltrow!” said one follower. Another posting, “Definitely a mini-Gwyneth. Wow!”

Wow is right.

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