Gwyneth Paltrow says she's a fool for running her lifestyle site.

But wants her kids to take over one day.

After saying that she was a fool for running her lifestyle website, Goop Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she hopes her kids, Moses, 8 and Apple, 10 will take over the operation one day.

The 42-year-old said on Bloomberg Television that she hopes the site will continue to thrive without her in the future.

“I wanted it to be its own thing that my children can run one day if they want to,” she told Bloomberg Television anchor, Stephanie Ruhle.

Paltrow also revealed that she had no clue what she was getting herself in to when she started the website, but admitted the experience had been a rewarding one and had taught her so much.

She opened up about her struggles and triumphs. Image via @gwynethpaltrow Instagram.

During her interview with Ruhle, Paltrow spoke a lot about the hardships that she had overcome as a businesswoman.

"I very much want Goop to be its own standalone brand. I know at this point it's inextricably me but we are a team of amazing people who bring incredible ideas to the site," she told Ruhle.

"My dream would be that in 20 years people would sort of recollect that I had something to do with it...and my involvement would be less essential."

Goop launched in 2008, and has had its fair share of criticism since launching, but Paltrow said to the anchor that the negative feedback has had a lot to do with miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Paltrow said a lot of criticism cam from a misunderstanding. Image via @gwynethpaltrow Instagram.

"I think sometimes that some of the criticism that Goop gets is because people haven't actually gone to the site and looked around to see what we actually are,” Paltrow told Bloomberg Television.

"We're in a really exciting time in the business right now. It's amazing to be the creative force and also to understand what's going on on the fiscal side and with raising money and all of that. It's very challenging," she said.

But when asked what her biggest challenge is when it comes to daily tasks, Paltrow's answer had nothing to do with the lifestyle site. Instead the actress' answer was a parenting one.

"Definitely getting Moses to do his homework," she tells the anchor.

Hopefully she'll get him more involved in the workings of Goop than she can with his homework.

What do you think of kids taking over their parent's business?

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