Today, two of the greatest women in TV history decided to hang outside my office.

When I arrived at work this morning, I naively assumed I was in for an un-momentous day — alas, I was wrong. Because today, Mamamia HQ was #blessed with what I would consider the ultimate TV “dream team” sighting.

It all began with nine magical, breathlessly whispered words from a coworker: “Brienne from Game of Thrones is outside right now.”

This didn’t seem completely unlikely, considering fellow GOT character The Mountain was here in the office just a week ago — and a frenzied dash to the window confirmed the formidable Brienne of Tarth (played by Gwendoline Christie) was indeed striding up and down the street behind our office.

As if that wasn’t enough to momentarily stop my heart, she was joined by Mad Men‘s leading lady Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss).

Christie and Moss are currently in Sydney shooting the second season of Top of the Lake, and of all the streets in our fine city, they chose this particular stretch of Surry Hills.

Snapchatted by a colleague who also failed to remain calm.

Naturally, I did not play it cool, seizing the excuse to pop outside for a coffee. Because how often do you have the chance to stand in the presence of two of your favourite women in TV history?

Peggy and Brienne are two very different characters, but I love them for very similar reasons. They're strong and loyal, they have conviction, they're bloody good at what they do (copywritin' and swordfightin'), and they refuse to be limited by their fictional societies' expectations of women.

Put simply, they're awesome.

Our video producer Shay went one step further and managed to grab some sneaky footage of Moss on set, which you can watch above.

Featured image: HBO/AMC

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