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Everyone's talking about Gwen Stefani's performance of 'Used to love you' on The Voice.


Months after confirming her divorce, US Voice judge Gwen Stefani has given a spine-tingling performance on The U.S Voice.

Stefani sang ‘Used to love you’, a song believed to be inspired by her divorce with husband of 13 years Gavin Rossdale, to a packed audience on Monday night – and to her new partner Blake Shelton (who is also a judge on the show).

Video via The Voice

Prior to her singing, Shelton told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m thankful for Gwen for tons of reasons, but mostly just because she makes us all look a whole lot better on that show.”

He also tweeted his support for her song after she took to the stage:


Many others commented on Stefani’s beautiful performance, tweeting their support to both Stefani and Shelton:

Stefani is believed to have filed for divorce after finding out Rossdale had an affair with his and Stefani’s Australian nanny.