Gwen Stefani wins hair once again.


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Oh, Gwen. How is it that even after all these years, you can still stun and awe us without even trying that hard?

Allow us to explain: the woman who has almost as many hair styles as hit songs has coloured her platinum blonde hair three times in just over a week, like it ain’t no thing.

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We say ‘coloured’ rather than ‘dyed’ because we actually have no idea how she’s pulling this feat off. It could be dye. It could be hair chalk. Or it could just be a series of clip-ins. Let’s walk through the evidence together:

Just eight days ago, the 45-year-old singer and mum of three debuted fiery orange, yellow and black ends, because that’s just the kind of fabulous thing Gwen Stefani does.

Clearly not content with that little colour experimentation, Gwen rocked up to an event four days later wearing her hair significantly shorter, with jet black through the ends.

Finally, Gwen revealed herself to be a candy cane in human form when photos of her with pink striped ends emerged yesterday.

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We're not really sure what else to say, but Gwen, we salute you and we look forward to many more years of kooky - yet somehow always chic and stylish - hair looks.