Gwen Stefani shares breastfeeding pic in the Swiss Alps. Because motherhood.

Why wouldn’t you want to get a photo of yourself breastfeeding in front of the Swiss Alps?

That’s probably what Gwen Stefani thought when she posted this picture to her Instagram. And frankly, well yeah why the hell not? You’re near some mountains with your baby, go for it.

That view, those mountains, that baby. LOOK:

The 44-year-old singer and mum of three shared this photo with her fans, because she’s a mum and she has a baby and sometimes babies need feeding. You know, motherhood.

Gwen and her husband Gavin Rossdale, along with their 3 boys have been cruising around Europe for the past week.

Because Gwen is cool and happy to share, she’s been posting some other family snaps.

Here she is with the man she married, the aforementioned Gavin:

And here’s Gwen with baby Appollo and a Swiss cow:

Mountains and cows. She really is in Switzerland.

The couple have been married for 11 years. Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale joined the family back in March, along with his two elder siblings, 7-year-old Kingston and 5-year-old Zuma.

Here are some other breastfeeding photos from famous mamas:

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