The cringeworthy 90s hairstyle making a comeback

Images: Getty. 

Just like belly chains, diamante G-strings, Motorola flip phones, and wearing Bindis for non-religious reasons there are some things best left in the 90s.

Exhibit A: Gwen Stefani’s twisty hair buns.

At the time, they were THE coolest. When no other celebrity was experimenting with their hair colour (the 90s were all about “natural” hair and makeup) we had Gwen Stefani.

The No Doubt lead singer was a life raft in a sea of bland bubblegum pop stars. Her anti-establishment look lent itself to teens, rebels, and it was the look du jour at raves. I should know - I went there, for most of the late 90s.

This is me post-rave in 1999. Note the pony t-shirt and seed necklace.

Maybe it’s because this fashion throwback is making me feel old, or maybe I’m tired of everything old becoming new again. But it’s a trend I’d like to stay in the 90s – I mean, they're called 'turd buns' for a reason. And it's not like today’s stars can pull off the 'do like Gwen Stefani, Bjork et al did? I don’t think so.

  1. Straighten your hair and smooth with Fudge Urban Miracle Ends.
  2. Starting with the crow, section off and apply Fudge Urban Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray, then comb ‘til smooth.
  3. Add one elastic to tie off the ponytail and pull partly through.
  4. Twist and wrap with loose end and tie off again.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  6. Don’t worry if it’s messy.
  7. Accessorise with funky bobbles, ribbons, flowers or whatevs!

 Over to you, 90s 'Turd' buns, yes or no?