Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert have some strong words for their fellow X-Factor judges.

We may not like to admit it, but nothing makes great television like a feud between judges.

We saw it on Australian Idol, we’ve seen it on The Voice and we’re seeing it now The X-Factor with the very carefully constructed and crafted feud between Iggy Azalea and Mel B.

Obviously, there’s no ratings gold for networks if two successful, high-profile women just get on well.

But it appears home-grown talent and fellow The X-Factor judge Guy Sebastian has blown the lid on the alleged fued between Mel B and Azalea, telling The Advertiser that Mel B isn’t the only one who struggles with Azalea.

In fact, they all do.

“Yeah we clash. We’re just not similar people at all and I definitely have to bite my tongue,” Sebastian admitted.

“I’ve said a lot of things in my head,” he added.

More than that, Sebastian lamented the fact it seems Azalea is on his case more than the other judges.

“She’s at me all the time and I don’t know what it is because she doesn’t go after Mel and Adam. I think she thinks I’m an easy target.”

Despite Sebastian’s sense that Azalea is on his case more than the other judges, he is not the only one coming out swinging about Azalea’s role on the show.

Fellow X Factor judge Adam Lambert has blasted Azalea’s professionalism more than once in the last week in the public domain Guy Sebastian.


First, it was on Friday when talking to Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage and David Koch.

Lambert admitted that although personally the duo were able to get along, professionally he struggled with her antics.

“She and I have found some sort of common ground, but she is quite a diva. She shows up late, you never know what you’re going to get with her, it’s never boring.”

When pressed as to whether Azalea’s behaviour was frustrating, Lambert said there “were a couple of times where I was like, ‘girl, where the hell are you?’”

This morning, Lambert appeared on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa to elaborate on his initial comments.

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“Iggy is interesting. Iggy is, Iggy is, ah, she’s just a tough nut to crack,” he said, hesitating more than once over his words.

“She is a nut, let me tell you. She is  a little  crazy. Her and I get along one-on-one, but then I see the shenanigans she pulls with other people and I am like, girl, pull it together. She is such a diva.

“She’s not demanding, she’s just a loose cannon. It’s hard to predict what she is going to say, whether she is going to show up or if she is going to listen.”

More than that, Lambert hinted Azalea perhaps didn’t have her eye on her team as much as she should.


“Your team is super important, maybe the people you are mentoring might be important, just a thought.

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“I don’t really know if I should talk about it, but they came into my dressing room because I keep giving them a hard time when they sing. not because I don’t think they’re good, but because I think it’s been the “right” thing for them,” he told the show.

“I don’t know if anyone is intervening. So they cam to my dressing room and asked what they should do, because they knew I wasn’t very into what they were doing. So, I tried to help, off the record, which I don’t think I am supposed to do.”

Lambert didn’t stop with his criticism’s there, though, appearing again on Rove and Sam on Monday to admit maybe Azalea was lashing out because she is out of her depth on the show.

“Maybe she’s threatened. She doesn’t really know anything about singing.”

“I mean let’s face it, no one’s rapping on the show at this point, so it’s like ‘uhhhh what is she going to say?’” Lambert said.

So what about Sebastian? Does he have an issue with Azalea’s professionalism too?

“All I’ll say on the matter is, I think it reflects poorly on the show when it seems someone is not invested in it. That’s as narky as I’m going to get. I am there all week, Mel is there all week and Adam is there all week.”