Guy Sebastian is in a fight with an ousted X Factor contestant.

All is not well between these two X Factor stars.

X Factor judge Guy Sebastian has called out contestant Jimmy Davis for his “disappointing” comments after being evicted from the show this week.

Davis, 21, gave an interview after his Tuesday eviction in which he slammed the reality show as a “game show” and said he was disappointed he wasn’t given the opportunity to sing his own songs.

“Standing in that spotlight was conflicting singing another person’s song,” Davis told Sydney Confidential.

“It’s an incredible experience but you’ve got to be the right kind of person for it,” he added.

Davis suggested he was disappointed to not have the chance to play his original music on the X Factor. (Photo: Instagram)

Davis followed up on Twitter with a message saying “I really enjoyed my time on the show” — and that’s when Sebastian got stuck into him.

“How incredibly disappointing. After all the time & love people invested into you,” Sebastian wrote in one of a series of tweets. “Having humility and gratitude is invaluable.”

Sebastian followed up with tweets questioning Davis’ claim that the producers choose the songs.

“Sometimes producers make lists as suggestions but 90% of the time I don’t even look,” the judge wrote. “I spend hours scouring the net for songs and I take pride in our arrangements.”

The X-factor judge, 33, also pointed out that Davis had been “happy to get the exposure, get flown around the world, mentored etc” — but said the emerging musician had then turned around and made “completely false statements.”

“[I]is a huge slap in the face,” Sebastian continued. “I understand the importance of treating people kindly, having respect and being grateful.”


While Sebastian signed off: “there’s no grudge and it seems he has learnt his lesson,” the pair still seemed to have beef yesterday morning.

Davis posted a long message to Facebook clarifying that he was grateful for his time on the show, and thanking mentor Chris Isaak.

“Some things were taken out of context and people who I respect have been hurt; and most importantly, it has given off the impression that I am not grateful for all the opportunities that X Factor has given to me,” Davis wrote. “The show has been an absolutely life changing experience for me. I have learned so much in the past few months, not only about my chosen craft but also about myself as a person.”

Davis did not thank Sebastian in that message or specifically refer to the Twitter blow-up.

But he later tweeted at Sebastian: “it hurts when you say that doing the song my way is what got me voted out (implying it wasn’t good enough)…

Sebastian responded:

“Yes I of all people know the media. So go through 12 years of press and find one statement where I bag out he show that gave me this life or the people who voted and invested in me so I could do what I love. Once again it’s someone They can’t twist quotes Jimmy and I warned you the night before.”


Unless they’ve hugged it out in the last couple of days, the air is definitely not clear between these two.

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