Aussie legends Hamish and Andy just executed the best prank of 2017.

Um… apparently love is a coconut?

On Friday, Guy Sebastian teamed up with radio duo Hamish and Andy to prank some of the most influential radio executives in the country. It was even more epic than expected.

To set up the prank, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee wrote some, erm, very coconut-themed song lyrics in about 10 minutes.

They went a little something like this:

Love is a coconut

I feel it in my gut

If you’re stranded and it’s all you got

Love is a coconut.

Yep, it’s a chart topper in the making.

They then passed the coconut song lyrics onto Guy, who worked his singer/songwriter magic on them before presenting them as his “next single” in front of 15 executives from the Hit Network’s national music department.

Guy described the song as “a bit of a different sound” as he introduced it to the room.

“I feel like it could be the next single … Here it is, Coconut Love,” he said.

He then played the full song to the room, who were just a little bit bemused by lyrics like:

Love is a coconut, the palm tree of life

Crack one open with me and be my wife

Maybe we’ll have a son, maybe we’ll have a daughter

Come swim with me in the coconut water.

guy sebastian hamish andy prank
"Come swim with me in the coconut water." Image via YouTube.

One executive, Matthew “Eggo” Eggleston, struggled to keep a straight face throughout the song.

“So that’s it,” Guy said when the song finally finished. “That’s where I’m at, any input is valued.”

While some of the executives tried to give Guy some feedback on his coconut song, Matthew “Eggo” Eggleston was having none of it.

"I feel like you’re having me on,” he said to Guy.

“I listen to the lyrics and I just… I didn’t think it would be something you’d do.”

Right at that moment, a very smug-looking Hamish and Andy came running into the room.

“You’re right, Eggo!” they laughed, while the rest of the room look very relieved for both Guy and the ears of the entire nation.

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