Guy Sebastian explains why he called his wife a "cow" during a recent interview.

And why he stormed off the set.

Last week Guy Sebastion’s wife, Jules interviewed him on her blog Tea with Jules. The interview was extremely awkward and ended up with Guy storming off set after calling his wife a “cow”.

Because of the expose, the video went viral.

(If you didn’t read about the fight click here.)

If you don’t remember it or haven’t seen it, here’s a refresher. Post continues after the video.

Basically Jules questioned her husband about his former afro, his time on Australian Idolthe girls in his video clips and she suggested that he looks better in real life than he does on screen. Jules hassled her husband a bit more before the popstar stormed out of the interview.

While we were watching and slightly cringing in our seats, we all had the same question about the escapade – why did Guy and Jules do it?

So this week The Daily Telegraph asked Guy Sebastian the question for everyone and here’s what he had to say.

“We staged a fight and I got her to ask me all the things I’ve literally been asked a million times in interviews, things about my afro and the moment I won Idol and how I felt and all that stuff,” he told Confidential.

The former Australian Idol winner also admitted that he will be doing everything he can to capitalise off his recent performance at Eurovision. Since he performed (and came fifth) his song, Tonight Again has made its way into the European charts, and of course he wants to utilise that.

Eurovision has done great things for Guy Sebastian's career. Image via @guysebastian Instagram.

Initially, we were scratching our heads, thinking, the interview was a strange way to gain publicity. But after the video went viral, we have to admit we were wrong and Guy made a really good self-marketing move.

Ultimately though, Guy said that his opportunity to compete in Eurovision has opened a lot of doors for him internationally.

“It’s a good starter. It’s exciting but I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me," he told Confidential.

Guy will be a judge on The X Factorwhich he will be working on over the coming weeks. And then who knows - the Australian Idol winner seems to have his sights set on big things in the future.

Good luck to him.

Are you a fan of Guy Sebastian? Do you think he can make it in Europe?

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