Guy Sebastian has revealed he didn't find Jules attractive at first.

Guy, 34, is busy promoting his new single Black and Blue, which is about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t treating you right. Ultimately, the partner in the song lyrics walks away.

Which is apparently exactly what happened to Guy and his now-wife Jules back in the day.

“I mean I did it to Jules, that’s why she dumped me in the first place, back in the day,” Guy said to KIIS FM.

I mean seriously.... Image: Instagram.

But that wasn't the only thing Guy revealed in his interview. According to him, he also didn't think she was very "hot." He quickly realised that was probably not a very nice thing to say about the wife of your two children, and tried to save himself.

"I think Jules has gotten hotter, with age. I mean you should’ve seen her when I first started dating her — not hot. I’ve told her that," he said.

She's still looking pretty attractive back in the day Guy... Image: Getty.

Well as long as she knows, I guess.

"We were best mates, we started dating — because we were mates I didn’t find her hot and then as the years went on I was like, "she’s really hot,"' he continued.

WATCH Guy and Jules battle it out on her talk show. Post continues after video...

Yeah, that didn't make a lot of sense to us either.

We'd like to hear what Jules thought of that afro...

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