The 7 fights every couple will have, as demonstrated by Guy and Jules Sebastian.

Image via ‘Tea with Jules’, YouTube.

From the outside, Guy and Jules Sebastian look like they have it all together. But a new video reveals they fight just like any other married couple. (Yes!)

He’s the original Australian Idol winner, who is now our first-ever Eurovision contestant. She’s a TV presenter and fashion stylist to the stars, and she’s recently launched her own online show, Tea with Jules.

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When Jules finally interviewed Guy on her show, a pleasant interview quickly deteriorated into what long-term couples know as “a total shitfight”.

In the latest episode, Australia’s sweethearts kindly demonstrate the seven fights that every couple will have at some point in their relationship. It was all in good fun, and even when these two pretend to fight we can still see they truly love each other.

1. The ‘who’s-more-tired?’ competition

Jules Sebastian gets her hair styled, as she plays with her son. (Image via Instagram)

Guy and Jules have two young sons, Hudson, 3, and Archer, 1. Speaking from experience, when you have very young children, you can develop a burning resentment towards your partner if they have even the tiniest bit more sleep than you.

At the beginning of the intervew, Guy yawns, and says, “I’m so tired.”

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Jules slams him down with, “You’re so tired? I’m the one who’s been up since 5 o’clock with the kids today.”

I can so relate to this. These days, my husband is much wiser with any remarks on the topic of tiredness; he will now say, “I’m so tired…but, my tiredness is nothing compared to yours.” Correct answer, Jeff!

2. "My tea is my soul"

Guy didn't like his cold tea. (Image via 'Tea with Jules', YouTube)

I believe if your spouse knows how you take your tea, they also have an intimate understanding of your soul. Sadly, Jules stuffed this up, as Guy complained that his tea was cold and needed ginger in it to soothe his throat.

I don’t know — I’m on Jules’ side with this one, because she was probably too exhausted from her mothering duties to pander to Guy’s eccentricities. It’s all about the sisterhood! (Post continues after gallery...)

3. "I hate your hair."

Cover art for Guy Sebastian's first album.

In the journey of love, there will be a time when you hate your spouse’s hair. The best thing to do is just come out and say it, particularly to prevent your partner from making similar hair misdemeanors in the future.

Jules addresses this topic expertly, by asking passive-aggressive questions about Guy’s famous afro. She kicks off the interview with, “Go the ‘fro! What did you do with the ‘fro?”

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Guy takes the bait by answering, “I want people to take my music seriously, so I cut it.”

There’s nothing like reminding your husband they used to have a really bad haircut. Even better: whip out photographic evidence on your smartphone. You could even have their debut album stashed in your handbag if the cover art helps you to win the argument.

4. Sexy colleagues

Jennifer Hawkins in Guy Sebastian's music video for 'Elevator Love', in 2009. (Image via YouTube)

Even the sweetest couples amongst us have jealousy issues. I’ve always wondered how Jules felt while watching Guy be intimate with all sorts of women in his music videos. He even kissed Jen Hawkins in the video for his 2009 single, Elevator Love.

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Jules reminds Guy his interaction with music video babes is “not a real thing. It’s acting.” She also asks for reassurance he’s not getting the phone numbers of the dancers.


She says that the key message she wants viewers to take away from Guy's music videos is: “I know that you’re married”.

5. Stick to the facts

Don't mess with Jules Sebastian...or her facts. (Image via Instagram)

When you’re in a full-on fight with your partner, things can start getting confusing and messy. Jules Sebastian cuts through the crap by sticking to the facts. She says to Guy, “These are facts. You had a fro. You have girls, dancing all up on you in your videos.”

It’s the facts! (Post continues after gallery.)

6. We all need our things

Guy Sebastian loves his things...and pillows.

Jules has a go at Guy for always playing the video game, Call of Duty. He protests, “You’ve got your things, let me have my things! I don’t ask for the world. I like to surf, and I like to play Call of Duty.”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a married man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of things.

7. Storage issues

Jules Sebastian has a lot of shoes. (Image via Instagram)

This is one for the long, long-term couples. When you’ve been co-habiting for several years, you develop an extremely boring problem called 'storage issues'. There will be too much stuff, and not enough space to put it in. Hence, you will fight about who owns too much stuff, and who should throw away said stuff. Jules and Guy deal with this issue in the only way that a super-famous and successful couple can.

Jules: How many guitars do you own?

Guy: Fifteen?

Jules: Fifteen guitars! One is fine!

Guy: How many shoes do you own?!

Jules: You don’t walk around in your guitars!

Guy: Yeah, I play them, and I create beautiful music from them. You don’t walk around changing people’s lives with your Celine bag.

Oops, sorry, Jules, but a point has got to go to Guy for this one.

Making up

Guy and Jules Sebastian, doing what they do best. (Image via Instagram)

The best thing about this video is the little ways Guy and Jules show each other love.

Jules is quick to offer Guy a proper apology when she has offended him. She says, “Sorry babe, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

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When Jules feels jealous about Guy’s video paramours, he says, “Babe, I chose you. I married you.”

Best of all is Guy and Jules cracking up at the end of the video, because they’ve had such a great time pretending to fight. Thanks for showing us how it’s done, guys.

Have you had one of these fights before? Do you also wish that Guy and Jules would invite you over for dinner and karaoke? Let us know in the comments!

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