Guess how much these shoes* cost me? All of them. Go on. Guess.


*And yes, they did all come with a matching right shoe. For no extra cost.




No, they're not made out of cardboard, at least I don't think they are. They're from a delightful shop I discovered last week called Rubi Shoes. Perhaps you know Rubi Shoes well and have shopped there.

I knew nothing about this shop until a friend came over with his 13 year old daughter and she was wearing a pair of $10 ballet flats. I'm trying to work ballet flats as a transeasonal alternative to thongs. You know, to lift my standards a bit.

My feet are currently unaccustomed to such enclosed footwear but I have had a stern word to them and told them to suck it up. Daylight savings is nearly over. It's time to seek a non-Havaina type of footwear.

I've just Googled "rubi shoes" and discovered that these stores are from the Cotton On people. I live there for kids clothes and the adult stuff ain't half bad either. I showed my shoes to a fashion friend and she was suitably horrified by them but I think they're rock and roll. And almost free. And pretty. Like a rainbow.

Run don't walk.