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I grew up with two mums. And I'm ok.

What’s it like growing up with two mums? Or two dads?

This week, on This Glorious Mess (Mamamia’s parenting podcast for non-perfect parents) we meet a woman whose spent the last four years documenting gay families.

Maya Newell grew up with two mums. And she says there is only one difference between gay and straight families:

She talks about the discrimination she faced, and the awkward conversation in the butcher shop that her mums won’t let her forget.

Also this week, once solely the domain of glossy mags, it now seems like the post-baby-bod phenomenon is creeping into everyday life. We meet one mum who says we should strive to get back into bikinis, and there’s no excuse for letting yourself go.

And Alys Gagnon from ivillage shares the parenting moment that made her skin crawl. Literally.

Oh, Alys. Welcome to This Glorious Mess.

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EXCLUSIVE: The trailer for the first feature documentary about same-sex families.

Do you think we need to see more gay families on screens?