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GROUP THERAPY: how long until you say “I love you”?

Welcome to Group Therapy when you share your words of wisdom with someone who needs them. Today's dilemma is about LURVE….

Today,  Mamamia reader MG needs your help with the following problem…

I know this is a bit of a corny question but I am (sadly) at that place again – how long is it normal in relationships these days to wait before you receive an "I love you" from your partner? We are both mid/late 20's. Thanks! MG

Ooooh. Tricky this one. I throw those words around so freely to everyone in my life that I've almost forgotten how torturous it can be to want to say it – and hear it! – but feel like you shouldn't. I don't know….I do recall blurting it out by accident a couple of times too early and that really is an awful feeling. Especially when you get the pity "I love you too" without any sincerity and you want to go an hide in your sock drawer…..

I think in theory, I'd prefer to wait for the other person to say it first. But what do I know. Over to you…..

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