The one detail none of us noticed about Grey's Anatomy.

Um, here’s a thing.

Lately I’ve been experiencing some serious Grey’s Anatomy cravings.

I missed the good ole’ days when I would excitedly wait a whole week to find out who would die a horribly dramatic – yet tragic – death while the latest Snow Patrol song played in the background.

Those were the days. I’ll have more of those, pls.

When I went online to research where I could watch this shining beacon of mid 2000s hospital-based drama, I noticed something life-changing a little peculiar.

Every goddamn episode of Grey’s Anatomy was named after a song and HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE THIS?

Yep, those really dramatic episode titles actually meant something. Well, kinda.

Here be the evidence:

grey's anatomy

The episode titles in season two (what one might refer to as the BEST season) included such classic song titles as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", "Let It Be" and "Losing My Religion".

grey's anatomy

"Kung Fu Fighting", "Forever Young" and "Losing My Mind" were just some of the episodes in season four.


My mind is blown. Please strap me to a hospital bed and send in McDreamy (or McSteamy).

Also I'd like to binge approximately 14 seasons of Seattle Grace goodness, thanks.

P.S. Denny Duquette deserved better.

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