Ghost sex & three surprise sisters: 12 of the most ridiculous storylines from Grey's Anatomy.

***SPOILER ALERT*** FYI, this story contains lots of spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy. Proceed with caution, and if you’re worried, bookmark this, go watch it on Stan and come back afterwards.

Grey’s Anatomy is officially the longest-running prime-time medical drama, and sure, strong, enduring characters like Meredith Grey and Miranda Bailey may have something to do with its success… but maybe also do the absolutely bonkers story lines.

There’s always an unbelievable medical case unfolding in the rooms of the hospital, but of course most of the drama goes down between its staff.

What’s happened to the revolving door of doctors during the show’s 16 seasons? Well: too many character deaths to count, lots of love and heartbreak, a plane crash, a shooting, car crashes, electrocution, a hospital fire… and those are only things that happened in season finales.

Throwback to the Grey’s Anatomy season five finale, and this promo did not prepare us for what was to come. Post continues below video.

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If we, or anyone we knew, worked at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, we would tell them to leave. Immediately. Like, drop your scalpel and get out now.

That place is seriously jinxed.

To celebrate the arrival of seasons 1-13 on Stan, making binge watching the entire series from the beginning practically a necessity this summer, we decided to look back at the most batsh*t crazy things to happen on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital drama.

12. When Izzie saved a deer.


Vets, exist, you know.

11. The musical episode.

Yes, Callie Torres can sing but Grey’s Anatomy is not Glee.

Repeat: Grey’s Anatomy is not Glee.


10. When the woman with a fork in her neck got an MRI…

grey's anatomy stan
"You want to stick me in a machine that will rip this fork out of my neck and likely cause horrific damage?" Image: Supplied.

A metal fork is magnetic. And an MRI is a giant magnet. This scene should've been much, MUCH more graphic.

9. George and Meredith... and George and Izzie.

grey's anatomy stan
Nope. Image: Supplied.
grey's anatomy stan
Double nope. Image: Supplied.

Both these relationships just seemed so forced and unbelievable AND DIDN'T NEED TO HAPPEN.

8. Meredith's TWO surprise sisters.

Throughout the series, Meredith met not one, but TWO half-sisters she never knew existed.

And both happened to be doctors. What are the chances?

There's also a third half-sister, Molly, who everyone forgets about because... not a doctor. We haven't seen her since season three though, so she's had plenty of time to get through medical school. She'll probably come back in an upcoming episode as a surgeon, because of course.

7. Bailey's random OCD.

grey's anatomy stan
"I had OCD? Can't recall." Image: Supplied.

Remember when Dr Bailey had OCD for a few episodes in season 10? Then she began taking medication and it was... never mentioned again? Pretty sure that's not how that works.

6. Ava/Rebecca.

grey's anatomy stan
Ugh. Image: Supplied.

Oh my god, Ava was the worst. Brought to Seattle Grace after a ferry accident, writers decided to make her a love interest for Alex.

Which would've been fine, except:

a. she had amnesia,

b. she was married,

c. she then came back pregnant, but tried to harm herself and,

d. was taken to a psychiatric hospital and we didn't find out what happened to her even after the writers went to such lengths to make her a significant character.

Even season three Alex deserved better.

5. Meredith pulling Derek's life support before telling his family.

In season one, McDreamy explicitly states that if he was ever in a coma he'd like to have all four of his sisters there at his bedside.


But when it actually happens - in season 11, after he's hit by a car - Meredith consents to removing him from life support before any of his family have had a chance to say goodbye.

What the hell, Mer?

4. The bomb inside a patient's chest.

grey's anatomy stan
Christina Ricci couldn't hack it. Image: Supplied.

Ah yes, the bravest and stupidest thing Meredith has ever done took place way back in season two. When a patient arrived with a live, ticking bomb inside their chest and the paramedic holding her hand on it fled, Meredith put her hand on it to stop it going off.

It's finally removed from the patients chest and Dylan, the leader of the bomb squad takes it away.

Thank god, we sighed.

Then boom, it blows up. Dylan and other members of his squad die, and Meredith is knocked unconscious.

3. The plane crash.

grey's anatomy stan

The plane crash will go down as the most traumatic moment in Grey's history because LEXIE GREY and later MARK SLOAN. Their deaths still haunts us at night.

The season eight finale was dramatic, enthralling and heartbreaking, so when the show returned for season nine... we expected more.

After losing Mark in the season premiere, the show sort of just... moved on. Too quickly. The hospital was renamed and then life went back to normal.


2. When Meredith drowned then decided she didn't want to die... so she just... came back to life.

grey's anatomy stan
Just one of Meredith's 50 brushes with death. Image: Supplied.

After falling into the water while helping victims of a ferry crash, Meredith lets herself sink. Derek saves her, obvi, but we are forced to endure a million scenes of Meredith in the 'afterlife' while unconscious.

We spend an entire episode wondering what will happen, but not really because she's the main character and this was season three.

She finally realises she's not ready to die. So she, while unconscious just... chooses not to and pulls through.

Seems legit.

1. When Izzie had sex with her ex-fiance's ghost.

grey's anatomy stan
Nobody wanted this. Image: Supplied.

Denny's death in season two was bloody traumatic, and we didn't hate Izzie seeing ghost Denny in season five. At first.

Then... ghost sex happened.

The purpose of this whole thing was to foreshadow Izzie's cancer, which gave her hallucinations. But... was it necessary? Definitely not.

'Ghost sex' has become known by many as the moment Grey's jumped the shark. And honestly, we can't blame them for thinking that. Because ghost sex.

Shonda, please.

Seasons 1-13 of Grey's Anatomy are available for streaming exclusively on Stan in Australia.