Sex with the interns, bullying & botched surgeries: A running tally of all the fireable offences on Grey's Anatomy.

***SPOILER ALERT*** FYI, this story contains lots of spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy. Proceed with caution, and if you’re worried, bookmark this, go watch it on Stan and come back afterwards.

Grey’s Anatomy is good for many things: Drama, tears and good looking medical staff.

But it’s not exactly a realistic look at life spent mostly in a hospital, where staff are bound by medical ethics and codes.

Because… well, if this was real life, precisely no one on Grey’s Anatomy should have a job. And sure, a lot of the characters don’t have a job… because they’re dead. But many those who have survived a bomb, a shooting, a plane crash, a fire, more than one car crash and electrocution should still have been struck off the medical register and in some cases, ended up in jail long before season 16.

Ellen Pompeo discusses Patrick Dempsey’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy. RIP Derek Shepherd. Post continues below video.

A questionable request, medical malpractice and inappropriate relationships happen in… literally every episode and we love to see it, to be honest. Here are the most WTF offences from over the seasons.

Meredith Grey.

In season one, Meredith sleeps with her superior (Derek). When she accuses him of sexual harassment, no one takes her seriously. She also performs a secret surgery on the chief of surgery, alongside Derek and Bailey.

In season two, she resuscitates a Do Not Resuscitate patient.

In season four, Meredith tips her mother’s ashes down a scrub room sink, likely violating 1000 different hygiene standards.

ellen pompeo sandra oh grey's anatomy
Image: ABC.

In season five, Meredith attends the execution of a patient on death row.

In season seven, Meredith tampers with an Alzheimer's trial to make sure Richard's wife Adele gets the medicine. She is fired, but is brought back when Richard lies and says it was all his doing.

In season 12, Meredith is assigned the woman who operated on her now-dead husband as an intern, and Meredith bullies her.

In season 15, Meredith commits insurance fraud and is fired even though 1. Bailey also committed insurance fraud in an earlier season and 2. she'll probably be back soon, because this is Grey's Anatomy and she's... Grey.

Derek Shepherd.

In season one, Derek (along with Meredith and Bailey) performs a secret surgery on Richard Webber. He also begins sleeping with his direct report.

In season five, Derek nicked an aneurysm on a patient named Jen and decided she needed a transfusion, even though it was considered too risky. After a series of strokes, blood flow issues, and pre-eclampsia, Derek decided to remove her temporal lobe, and then her frontal lobe when the bleeding in her brain spread. He had many doctors in the room telling him to stop operating, but he refused to listen. Addison saved the patient's baby, but Jen died.

In season six, Derek and (his now-wife) Meredith have sex all over the hospital.

In season seven, Derek returns to work even though he has PTSD from being shot, like literally shot, at said work.


Miranda Bailey.

She was also in on Richard's secret surgery.

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Image: ABC.

In season five, Bailey and Karev discover a patient's health insurance will expire at midnight, but their procedure ends at 2.30am. Bailey tells Karev to set the clock back to 11.58pm for the hospital records thus... committing insurance fraud.

In season seven, Bailey started live-tweeting her surgeries... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In season 10, Bailey treated a young patient with deactivated HIV against his parent's wishes.

In season 12, she resuscitates a DNR patient.

Christina Yang.

In season one, Christina sleeps with and begins dating her direct superior Burke.

In season three, Christina covers up Burke's hand injury by secretly assisting him during surgeries, and tampering with surgery assignments so she can keep his injury hidden.

In season four, Christina bribes people in order to be assigned better surgeries.

In season six she performs an unauthorised surgery, for the... 1000th time.

In season 10, Christina destroys a 3D printed liver Meredith required for a trial.

Preston Burke.

In season one, it's discovered Burke left a towel in a patient after surgery five years prior, and did not speak up.


He also allows George, an unexperienced intern, to perform a surgery he isn't ready for, which nearly kills the patient.

grey's anatomy christina and meredith

In season three, Burke leaves Christina in the chapel on their wedding day, and although this is a ~personal~ mistake, he should've been punished for making us watch THAT scene of Christina crying.

Mark Sloan.

I'm sure Mark did lots of fireable things, but he's an angel and we must never speak of them.

George O'Malley.

Sweet George, we shouldn't speak of his problems either because... his death still haunts us.

But it really is surprising he made it past the first season, where he earned the nickname 007 because he has a 'licence to kill' after nearly killing a patient by performing a surgery he wasn't ready for.

Richard Webber.

In season three, Richard performs a surgery on his employee and the daughter of the woman he had an affair with, Meredith.

In season five, he allows Sadie to remain as an intern at the hospital, despite encouraging other interns to operate on each other, because he knows her father.

Alex Karev.

In season one, Karev posts hundreds of photos of Izzie from her lingerie modelling days around the hospital.


In season two, Karev tells a terminally ill patient (Denny) that he's going to die, because he's jealous of his relationship with Izzie.

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Image: ABC.

In season three, he develops a relationship with a married patient who has amnesia.

In season seven, he sleeps with a medical student he's in charge of. In the same season he accepts money to help children in Africa, but then commits credit card fraud.

In season 12, Karev beats DeLuca to a pulp (to be fair, he did face jail for this... but he avoids it after DeLuca drops charges, but then is somehow still allowed to work at the hospital, alongside his victim).

In season 13, Karev (a PAEDIATRICIAN) is demoted after jeopardising a kid's kidney transplant (this is at the same time he faces felony charges for the above beating, FYI!)

Izzie Stevens.

In season two, Izzie tries to make Denny have a seizure so he can be operated on, then she cuts his LVAd wire so he urgently requires a donor heart... and after the transplant, he dies.

In season three, she and Karev steal patients from the ER for the new Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, a new clinic named after the patient she married and killed.

In season four, she makes her interns treat a deer, despite being... human doctors.

grey's anatomy stan
Nobody wanted this. Image: ABC.

In season five, Izzie treats the patient who received Denny's heart. She also has sex with his ghost, and if that isn't a fireable offence we don't know what is.

Owen Hunt.

In season five, Owen kisses Christina, after treating her after she was impaled by an icicle. Later in the season he struggles with PTSD and strangles her, and is treated for his PTSD at his workplace.

In season eight he talks a man through the amputation of his wife's leg, and upon his failure enters a sinkhole himself to finish the job.

Addison Montgomery.

In season two, Addison arrives at the hospital and requests Meredith, who she knows has been sleeping with her husband Derek, as an intern.

That same season, a patient, admitted to give birth to her seventh child, asks Addison to tie her tubes while she also performs a planned c-section. The patient explains her husband is a devout Catholic who does not believe in birth control, so she won't sign a form to legally allow Addison to do this. She still does, pretending that she saw bleeding that necessitated tubal ligation.

In season three, Addison pins Meredith's underwear to a work noticeboard after discovering she and Derek had been seeing each other again.

Ben Warren.

In season 12 Ben, who has recently been suspended (for only three days!!!!) for opening up a man's chest with a clipboard, performs a c-section on a pregnant mother in the hallway of the hospital leading to the deaths of both the mother and the baby.


Teddy Altman.

In season seven, Teddy falls for a patient who does not have health insurance and marries him so he can use hers.

In season eight, Teddy makes Christina operate on her patient-turned-husband but doesn't tell Christina who he is. When he dies, she makes Christina tell her every little detail about the surgery... while they're performing another surgery.

Callie Torres

In season eight, Callie and Owen talk a man (not a doctor!) through an amputation of his wife's leg.

In season nine, Callie makes the decision to have her girlfriend AND co-worker Arizona's leg amputated.

In season 10, Callie tells donors at a hospital gala that Arizona is dead.

That same season, she faces court for leaving a sponge inside a competitive snowboarded who gets an infection and is unable to compete. She's found not guilty and gets straight back to work.

Arizona Robbins.

greys anatomy
Image: ABC.

In season 10, Arizona gets drunk in a hospital supply closet while her colleagues treat an acrobat and party planner for a severe leg break.

Lexie Grey.

Talking about Lexie still hurts, but:


In season four, Lexie steals George's personnel file from Richard's office.

In season five she, along with other interns, perform simple procedures on each other. She agrees to removes the appendix of Sadie Harris, but makes a mistake and requires Meredith and Christina's help. Derek and Meredith then let she move into their house.

Jo Wilson.

In season 10, Jo discloses private information to tell Karev the patient he is treating is his father.

In season 15, Jo goes to work drunk.

Stephanie Edwards.

In season 10, Stephanie takes the fall for Bailey after she treats a patient without his parent's consent and is only suspended for a week.

In season 13, she throws a tablet at the wall near the father of a patient, who does not want her and Karev to treat his sick child. She returns to her duties after only three therapy sessions.

After being held hostage by a dangerous patient and rapist, she douses him with alcohol and sets him on fire. This causes an explosion that almost blows up the hospital.

Amelia Shepherd.

In season 14, Amelia has a brain tumour removed by doctors in her own department and seriously DO NO OTHER HOSPITALS EXIST?

April Kepner.

In season 10, April and Arizona get drunk in a hospital closet instead of tending to medical emergencies.

In season 14, April treats the pregnant wife of her ex-fiance. She then forgets to file a report after accidentally cutting a patient's ear off, and DeLuca trips on it and sustains a concussion.

And look, this is probably just scratching the surface. We haven't even included all the affairs/hospital sex/inappropriate treatment of family, friends and colleagues because after 16 seasons and approximately 1500 characters, 1400 of which should've been fired, our tally of fireable offenses is too much to handle.

Maybe they should just shut down Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital entirely. Doing so would significantly lower Seattle's fire, plane crash and shooting statistics and mean patients would be transferred to a hospital where their doctor has not slept with the nurse, the specialist and the paramedic.

But then again... we hope it never ends. What's next, Shonda?

Seasons one to 13 of Grey's Anatomy are now available to watch on Stan. 

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