The new hair colour trend every woman over 35 will be pretty happy about.

Rihanna sported a grey pony on the red carpet. Image: Getty

Out with the old, and in with the… older?

There’s a hair colour movement women of the world are obsessing – it’s not pink, blue or even platinum blonde (sorry, Kim Kardashian).

It’s a colour you’ve always said you’d never willingly try, and swore you’d hide when you did. You might even already be nailing the trend without even realising it.

Say hello to Granny hair. (Post continues after gallery.)

Yes, grey hair is now the coveted colour women are requesting at the hairdressers. And Instagram is going bananas over it.

The surprising thing? While we’ve always thought grey hair looks awesome on an older woman, it can also look good on those of use who don’t have any naturally silver strands yet.

Image via Instagram (@dzenkic)

While it's fairly obvious where the trend emerged (ahem, thank you age) serious social media stalking suggests that Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's younger half-sister, may be responsible for this particular mainstream revival.

Is Kylie Jenner responsible for bringing grey back? Image: Instagram

Her silver strands may be gone now but they're not far from her mind, with Jenner posting this photo captioned "Missing the grey" just a few weeks ago.

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Rhianna also sported a long, grey ponytail on the red carpet at the Diamond Ball charity gala late last year.

Rihanna sported a grey pony on the red carpet. Image: Getty

Campaigns like the Karen Walker x Advanced Style collaboration are also responsible for making old new again. The women involved (who are aged between 65 to 92, mind you) look gorgeous, sassy and exude a confidence most us can only aspire to. And that braid! Why can't I pull off a braid like that?

Joyce Carpati looking FAB in the Karen Walker x Advanced Style campaign. Image: Karen Walker.

No wonder we're looking up to these types of women as beauty and style icons. Thinking of giving it a go? The silver grey colour is bold, sexy and surprisingly flattering. And youthful, if you get the tone right.

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For those hesitant to go all the way, a very light, almost white grey is a great start. If you're feeling more confident, go all the grey with a silver-medium shade or a blue-toned darker colour for a brighter feel.

Seems like the bedroom isn't the only place people are feeling Fifty Shades of Grey!

Would you give granny hair a go?