The internet is very confused as to what this greeting card says.

At the end of the day, if anyone or anything was to blame, it would be the cursive font.

Had the card been penned in Microsoft’s trusty Comic Sans we wouldn’t be here, Reddit would be far from self-combusting and glitter would be out of the news.


Let’s take a step back together.

This month, a Reddit user who goes by the name LucyLilyPadd posted an image of a greeting card on the platform suggesting the message on the front could be misinterpreted.

It goes a little like this:


Some saw glitter, some saw something far more sinister.

"I don't see the word Hitler anywhere..." one user wrote, while another added: "Maybe it doesn't look as much like 'Hitler' as it could, but it looks more like Hitler than anything else I've seen that isn't trying to be Hitler."

When The Daily Mail reached out to the makers of the card, they were clear with their intention.

"The card most definitely says, 'glitter is my favourite colour' and we're very sorry if the decorative font used distorts this in any way," the Next spokesperson told the news outlet.

 A few more were concerned with the fact that glitter isn't technically a colour and therefore the card in its entirety is a little misleading.
And then, of course, there were comments like this:

"6 is my favourite colour of the alphabet."