The moments that make parenting all worth it.

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It’s pretty hard to choose just one parenting moment as our best. Honestly when I first tried to think of one I was overwhelmed with incredible memories and none of them had anything to do with my children’s individual achievements.

All of my moments, and many of the ones I’ve collected from my mum friends are unexpected things, moments that shouldn’t even come close to being considered some of our best but they just are.

Because our children are so cute and our love for them is completely overwhelming.

Here are some of our best moments of parenthood but really, they are just the tip of the iceberg.
“My son broke his arm and then got an infection. We spent a lot of time together in hospital and helping him get better made me so happy. Seeing my kids healthy is my everything.”
Jo, 40, mother-of-three.

"Seeing my kids healthy is my everything." Image: iStock.

"My two-year-old daughter was talking to me and I turn my head away from her for a moment. She pushed my face back to face hers using her sticky little hand and kept right on talking. It was just so adorable."
Joanne, 36, mother-of-two.

"I was terrified and elated when we were told my premature little boy was finally ready to come home after almost two months of special care. I was shaking, with joy, with fear but crying happy tears the whole way home. My incredible little boy."
Susan, 28, mother-of-one.


"My son who is 12 just asked his sister who is 7 to get him a drink of water then turned to me and explained that he didn't want to bother me during Masterchef. We are both his slaves."
Merida, 45, mother-of-two.

"One night when I was tucking my kids into bed, my son who is the quiet one said, 'You love me so much' and I just died of happiness."
Carina, 35, mother-of-three.

"My son who is the quiet one said, 'You love me so much' and I just died of happiness." Image: iStock.

"My oldest child is a boy and he is 13 so doesn't really let me hug him much anymore but he was really sick with gastro last week and I got to hug him so much. It sounds so bad and I wasn't happy he was sick but I really enjoyed getting to hug him."
Justine, 41, mother-of-two.

"Seeing my two kids riding their bikes without us holding on! Both were scared now love it - in two days."
Evelyn, 36, mother-of-two.

"Well today, I spent a few hours having breakfast out with my two sons and my daughter and then we did some shopping. Just being together and doing ordinary things thrill me to bits and I don’t know why."
Mark, 42, father-of-three.


"Teaching my sons how to treat their sisters and show respect for them is important to me. It all starts with them seeing how I treat their mum. Whenever my boys are really patient and helpful to their sisters I feel like it’s just the best."
Simon, 36, father-of-four.

Teaching my sons how to treat their sisters and show respect for them is important to me. Image: iStock.

"I told my three-year-old son it was bedtime and he shushed me. He makes me laugh like this all the time."
Jodie, 22, mother-of-one.

"My son has gastro at the moment and every time he finishes throwing up he says, 'I'm finished Mum'. He's just so cute."
Cherie, 37, mother-of-four.

"My son spent a year collecting money in a tin for Amnesty International, because he heard that they help people who are in jail who didn't do anything wrong. We recently counted it the money and donated it - it was nearly $400. I was really proud of him, because he's only six."
Helen, 46, mother-of-two.

"I was blown away by the birth. It still blows my mind that I made a baby."
Rachel, 27, mother-of-one.

As a parent, what have been some of your best moments?