Eight budget baby accessories every new mother needs.

Thanks to our brand partner, BIG W

Don’t make the same mistake I made with my babies. Delighted by each and every pregnancy – just three – I spend those nine, long months shopping for my new baby. I couldn’t help myself. Before my little humans had properly joined the family I’d have drawers filled with adorable little outfits.

Fast-forward post-birth…

Nobody tells you how messy babies can be and that they may go through several outfit changes each day. Exhaustion creeps in and eventually your baby is left in a singlet onesie and a nappy, because it’s just easier that way. By the time you start feeling like dressing them up in little outfits, they’ve grown out of most of them.

Instead, if you stock up on fun, affordable, easy-to-wear and easy-to-change baby and toddler clothing it’s much easier to dress your baby in the coolest threads.

These days baby and toddler clothing is so cute you’ll be finding yourself putting more effort into your clothing just so your baby doesn’t outshine you.

Big W has just launched their exclusive Emerson baby wear range and it is adorable and cute and fun and everything you want for your baby’s clothing.

Here are some of my favourite selections…

1.  Dymples Print Leggings $5.

I love putting leggings on babies and toddlers and they make a nice change from coveralls and make nappy changes so much easier to do. Look at all of the adorable prints. So many to choose from and just $5 each.

Dymples Printed Leggings. Image: Big W.

2. Dymples Print Tees $5.

Please someone hand me a baby now. These tees are so incredibly adorable and I would seriously wear half of them myself if they came in adult size, especially the ones with ruffles on the shoulders. These Dymples Printed Tees are just $5 which means you can keep plenty on hand.


Ideal for not running out of them on those days when your baby or toddler just can't seem to stay clean!

Dymples Printed Tees. Image: Big W.

3. Huggies Ultimate Jumbo Nappies $25.

Nappies are like gold when you have a baby and if I ever started running out my heart would start beating out of my chest. What if I actually ran out? What if I ran out on one of those days when I just couldn't be bothered leaving the house?

What if my baby doesn't react very well to a new food I introduce them to, if you know what I mean?

That's why nappies in my house come in the largest boxes possible and these jumbo Huggies nappies will ensure you can relax in the knowledge it's highly unlikely you'll ever run out.


Huggies Jumbo Nappies. Image: Big W.

4.  Dymples Popcorn Fleece Cot Blanket $15.

You cannot have enough cotton blankets. I used them in the bassinet, in the cot, on my bed, in the pram, draped over the pram to block out the sun (and the rain if I forgot the pram rain cover) and in the car over the car seat. So you don't ever forget to have one handy, buy a few and then just leave one everywhere you think you may need them.

Four at a minimum, in all of the cute colours and designs.

"You cannot have enough cotton blankets." Image: Big W.

5. Lamaze Little Grip Rattle Bunny $5.

These rattles are your BEST FRIENDS and I just love that they can attach to the pram. Once again, as per the previously mentioned Blanket Rule, buy a few of them and leave one in the pram, one in the car and one in your handbag.

Three minimum, and make at least one of them the Bunny rattle, because bunnies are the best.


Lamaze Little Grip Rattle Bunny. Image: Big W.

6. Dymples Cotton Coveralls $8.

Every mother of a baby would be lost without lots and lots of coveralls. Seriously, you know you're going to go through several each and every day. Dymples Cotton Coveralls are so cute and light weight which means you can put them over other clothing if needed.

And easily change and launder them when they get dirty.

Dymples Cotton Coveralls. Image: Big W.

7.  Lamaze Captain Calamari Play & Grow Plush $12.

You'll quickly learn how excellent the quality of Lamaze products are once you buy one for your baby and the play with it, suck on it, spew on it and you run it through the wash a million times. They last for years!


Great quality and highly entertaining for your baby. Image: Big W.

The Lamaze Captain Calamari Play & Grow Plush is just the cutest but there are a few different kinds and they connect to the pram, which is fabulous, so you never forget it.

8. Dymples 3 Piece Cot Sheet Sets $15.

Babies' sheets pretty much suffer the same lifecycle as clothing, in that you could find yourself changing them several times a day after every nap. I ended up just buying heaps of fitted cot sheets for the bottom and rarely bothered making the rest of the cot up. There wasn't any point.

Thank goodness these sheet sets are just $15.

Dymples 3 Piece Cot Sheet Sets. Image: Big W.

Head to to check out the full range.

What is your fav items to dress your babies in?

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