A Sydney man took his wife's last name. Then the death threats started.

After Grant’s November wedding to his partner Jade Phillips, the Sydney man decided to go against tradition and take his wife’s last name.

“There are so many reasons as to why this is the right decision for Jade and I, not the least being that Jade is one of two girls without any cousins, and therefore their name will be lost after this generation,” Grant explained in an Instagram post in December.

Grant said at the time he was aware a lot of people would see his decision as “emasculating”, but what he couldn’t be prepared for is the inexplicable fury it would generate in total strangers.

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Yes, while we thought this gesture was incredibly sweet and the work of a strong, self-confident and forward-thinking man, there were people who, after Grant’s social media announcement made international headlines, decided to send him disgusting messages of hate.

In one of the messages Grant received, a stranger calls him a “f–king pussy” and wishes he and his wife would “die in a car crash”.



Thankfully for as many hateful messages Mrs and Mr Phillips have received, there have been messages of support and encouragement from people who think what he’s done is enlightened, and even those who plan to do the same thing one day.

Grant, meanwhile, thinks his critics’ point of view is the kind he’s happy to go against.

“Each to their own I guess. I, on the other hand, believe this is a sad perspective based on an understanding of an outdated tradition which centres around ownership.”

“For me, I’m honoured that Jade would like me to take her name.”

LISTEN: In other marriage news, 2017 was the year Australia finally legalised marriage equality. 

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