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Grant Hackett: "Deeply embarrassed" about losing his son at the casino.

Former Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett was seen semi-naked searching for his missing 4-year-old son Jagger at Crown Casino on Saturday night.

A practically naked Grant Hackett, 33, was seen frantically running around the foyer of Crown Casino Melbourne searching for his son, Jagger, 4, on Saturday night. Hackett says he is ‘deeply embarrassed’ about the whole situation.

The former Aussie Olympic swimmer was stripped to the waist as he looked for his son, who was later found safe and well within the casino complex.  Jagger was supposedly located on the 20th floor of the hotel, though his exact location has not been confirmed.

Pictures of a shirtless Hackett (like the above) have been circulating on social media, with one witness telling the Herald Sun that they saw the Olympic champion asking people in the hotel if they'd seen Jagger. Hackett apparentky woke in the early hours of Sunday morning to discover Jagger had gone walkabout.

On his state of dress (or undress to be specific), Hacket has said that he “was focused solely on finding Jagger and nothing else.’’ The former athlete added '“when I discovered him missing I went in hasty pursuit, but perhaps with a swimmer’s sense of dress.’’ Hackett has described the event as “every parent’s worst fear".

This isn't the first time the troubled swimmer has been in the media spotlight for issues outside of the pool. Hackett also revealed in 2012, after his marriage to Candice Alley ended, that he was addicted to sleeping pills when his swimming career ended. He also made headlines in 2011 after he trashed a penthouse apartment.

Have you ever lost one of your kids in a public place? Did you go searching for them while you were semi-naked (just kidding)?