Grant Denyer addresses those 'meth habit' rumours.

Grant Denyer has spoken out about his ‘eratic’ behaviour during his time as the weather presenter for Sunrise.

The 37-year-old TV host spoke to the Daily Mail in an exclusive about his time at Brekky Central amid claims he would send strange messages to his bosses in the middle of the night.

‘I was erratic – I was exhausted – I was clumsy, I dropped things, I fell over, I rang people and forgot what I was saying.’

‘When you do Sunrise at four in the morning and you’re travelling all the time, late at night is often the only chance you can actually do things – of course I called people at all hours of the night.’

The family feud host claims he was diagnosed with chronic fatigue following his time on Sunrise.

In February of this year Woman’s Day magazine published an article that claimed Denyer and his wife Chezzi shared an addiction to methamphetamines.

The magazine claimed that Grant and Chezzi, who have a two-year-old daughter named Sailor, were spending $200,000 a year on the addiction, and tried to fix it by going to a Thailand rehabilitation centre last year.

Denyer denied the allegations again when he spoke to the Daily Mail, and said he went to Thailand to recover from exhaustion.

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