We're calling it: Just three Bachelor In Paradise couples are still together.

Oh, dear. The end is nigh, friends. Bachelor in Paradise has four episodes to go which means we have four episodes to a) get our lives together, b) get our lives together and, c) get our lives together.

But considering we have four episodes to go, why start now? That’s what the other three episodes are for.

So, in the spirit of wild speculation and baseless fortune-telling, we decided to do a simple investigation: Which couples are still together?

Sam and Tara

I started easy because, well, I’m feeling lazy. Sam and Tara are obviously still together because if there’s one talent I have in this world, it’s reading Instagram captions that say, “You make me cry from happiness. You make me pee from laughter,” and gleaning, from that, there are still happy feelings involved. Comprehension goals, etc.

Sam has also captioned a few of his Instagram photos with:

“There were times we would stop and slow dance and everything around us would become background noise. @tarapavlovic I won’t ever forget these moments.”


“To my surprise, Rose ceremonies have become one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced. To be able to remind this woman how special she is to me and I also never factored in looking forward to what she will be wearing…. another cracking dress.”

Oh, and this, from Tara: “You make paradise perfect.”

Yeah. Ain’t nobody saying that about an ex.

Then you’ve gotta throw in the reports that not only are they madly in love, but living together in Tara’s Queensland apartment.


Jake and Megan

May I introduce you to a little friend of mine called past tense. It looks like this:

“I feel that throughout this whole experience our strength together has been constantly tested. It brought the fears we both had in truly falling for each other to the surface. Where I’d usually run out of fear of being hurt, my heart forced me to stand and fight for you. Fight for a chance at us and what we feel we might have… I’m so glad that I fought.”

Can I just… point you towards this: “I fought.” Not, “I am fighting,” but “I fought”.

He fought, and now they’re still together.

Also, this from Megan:

“Although a person shouldn’t HAVE to fight for you, I’m so glad that you did @jakeellis86. It shows courage and claims my respect and to be honest makes me pretty FKN hot for you. I promise I will never crack an egg on your head again.”


I declare: TOGETHER.

Keira and Jarrod

Tehe. Won’t pretend they’re not an odd pairing, but we will say we’re random fans of it.

This week, Jarrod wrote: This is the date I’ve been waiting for…thank you for choosing me. You are such a beautiful person @keiramaguire inside and out.”

Also, lots of kissing pics:

A post shared by KEIRA (@keiramaguire) on

A post shared by KEIRA (@keiramaguire) on


I declare: TOGETHER.

Grant and Ali

Yes, well. Let us be quick: Definitely not together. And when I say definitely, I really mean, I don’t actually know but their social media activity my gut says no.

Ali hasn’t appeared on Grant’s Instagram once since the show aired. Grant has appeared on Ali’s Instagram since the show aired.

Also, ah, they don’t even follow each other.


Simone and Apollo


There’s nothing pointing one way or another as to whether Simone and Apollo are together, so I’ll just go a little rogue, rely on my gut and say they aren’t together. Sometimes Apollo posts about her, sometimes Simone posts about him but the vibes are all buddy-buddy to me.


So, yeah, not feeling it. More than happy for them to prove me wrong.

So, to recap: three couples have survived the time between filming and the season reaching its final weeks.

Ah, reality TV love.

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