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Love Island's Tayla will never forgive Grant for lying about his "girlfriend on the outside".

Put down the mango daiquiris pls.

We have some more villa-based drama for you.

You see, Grant and Tayla won Australia’s first very season of Love Island. They walked away with $25,000 each and a long-term relationship which lasted a whole… two weeks.

Last week it was announced that Tayla and Grant had broken up.

Then things got really interesting. We found out that Grant’s “girlfriend on the outside” really did exist, and then Grant started to beg Tayla to take him back through a series of Instagram posts and cringe-worthy interviews.

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Now, Tayla has finally told her side of the story to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O. 

Tayla explained to the radio hosts that before they broke up, Grant admitted he really did have a “girlfriend on the outside”.

“He ended up owning up to it and said, ‘Yeah, I did go on there to promote myself and my business, and she did know’.

“I think he was with her for about a year, they were living with each other about four or five days of the week.”


The 21-year-old said Grant’s lies have left her heartbroken.

“I was completely in love. It was a complete shock to me,” she told the radio hosts.

“There [sic] was always lies within the house, that I would pick up on and notice, and that’s what a lot of our arguments in the villa were obviously about.

“When it was obviously brought up about the potential girlfriend on the outside, I did have that gut feeling and that’s why I did follow it up on the outside.”

Tayla said that since the breakup, Grant hasn’t tried to get in touch with her privately.

“I haven’t blocked his number, I haven’t blocked him on social media, it’s very easy to buy a plane ticket to Perth,” she explained.

“If he was so upset and in love, then surely you would call a few times, or send a few messages, or get on a plane and come see me,” she continued. “He sent the one message but that was purely because I had come out and said he was ignoring me.”

The reality TV star told the radio hosts she was now not willing to forgive Grant.

“In past relationships I’ve fallen back into the pattern of forgiving the person who’s hurt me,” she explained. “But now, I have an entire nation looking at me and thinking ‘What is she going to do next?’

“If it’s not a good relationship, you’re not mentally happy. I don’t want to be in a position like that again and I don’t want these young girls to think that just because someone loves you, you should forgive them.

“I’m not going to be forced into a relationship just because that’s what the public thinks I should be doing.”