What happens when old people join The Facebook ...

So it would appear that your elderly parents have heard about this new craze us kids call “The Facebook” – and they want in on the action.

Sure, they might not have the technological skills or knowledge to to use it, but HEY if they can master an ATM machine, how hard can The Facebook be right? Errrmm, let us count the ways…

When an elderly parent attempts to use Facebook, it can go in three possible directions:

a) They’ll fall down a rabbit hole of cat videos and you’ll never hear from them again. Except for when they CONTINUOUSLY post cat videos on your wall.

b) They’ll discover the photos of you doing shots off a male stripper’s stomach after your divorce and never speak to you again; or

c) They’ll comment on everything you’ve ever done or will do. Forevermore.

If any of these things happen, never fear. To be honest? It could never quite be as bad as these 20 adorable (failed) examples to connect:

 1. Maxine hasn’t quite grasped the meaning of ‘status update

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2. The grandpa who just made his wife a superhero

3. Or these two nannas who have magical Facebook powers

4. And this lovely lady who doesn't understand the concept of oversharing

5. Or this woman who drops truth bombs

6. Ellen, who has decided to start a new complaints process

7. Minna, who is getting lost in translation. At least we hope she is...

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8. This elderly parent who escalates things quickly...

9. Charles who just wants to talk, Kmart.

10. Nancye, who is about to discover that her grandson is a "male escort"

11. Sally, who doesn't understand the concept of page likes

12. This Grandma who needs to lay off the vodka when she's on Facebook

13. The woman who gets a free pass for using excessive Caps Lock (because she was being adorable).

14. Carla, who has a rude and ungrateful grandson.

15. Skeptical Louis, who really needs to work on his internet lingo

16. But at least Grandma has always got your back.

17. Holly, who is totally getting trolled by Grandpa

18. Glenda who wasn't prepared for her grandson's vaguebooking

19. Beatrice, who could afford to work on her tact.

20. Finally, this Grandma who finds out how much of an ingrate her grandson really is.