A 45-year-old woman has given birth to her own grandson.

Just a few days ago, Julie Bradford gave birth to her own daughter’s son – her grandson.

The 45-year-old grandmother agreed to act as a surrogate for her daughter after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the young age of 18.

Now 21, Jessica Jenkins, first went to the doctor in 2013 where they diagnosed her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Just three days later, she had a biopsy and informed she was living with cancer.

“It took two weeks before they knew how far it had spread. After a scan confirmed that the cancer was in my lymph nodes and I was told that I would never have children,” Jessica told the Telegraph.

She was given the option to freeze her eggs, and out of the 21 eggs taken before chemo, 10 managed to survive.

After her marriage to her current husband, Jenkins decided it was now the right to have a baby.

“Then in May this year we had an embryo defrosted and implanted into my mother’s womb for her to be the little oven helping our Jelly Bean grow.”

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Her mother said there was absolutely nothing else in the world she would do than carry her daughter’s baby, which she had always longed for.

“I’ve always known from a young age Jess has longed to become a mother just like I did. When cancer took the chance away for her to carry her own child away we were all heartbroken,” she said.

“I decided that if I could be Jess’ surrogate then I would have the control again. I was given the chance to carry Jessica and Rees’ child – and it was an honour.”

Jack, their son and grandson, was born on December 2nd, Julie said on Facebook that all the pain she suffered disappeared with his birth.

“…to see Jess and Rees faces when he was born was priceless all the hurt I’ve carried just disappeared my heart is full of love and happiness.”

Jessica is now in remission and hopeful for a full recovery.

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