A great grandmother asking Facebook for wedding dress advice has given us all the feels.

Sylvia Martin is just like any bride-to-be. From the cake and the seating chart to dealing with cold feet, there are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to organising a wedding.

Arguably the biggest of them all is the dress, which is why the 93-year-old Canberra native enlisted the help of some tech-savvy staff at the Birdsnest boutique to make her choice.

“Sylvia, 93, visited our store with her bridesmaids in tow to help choose a dress for her July wedding to Frank, 88,” the post read.

Aside from giving their followers four different yet equally beautiful deep red dresses to choose from, the post which has been ‘liked’ almost 4,000 times also shed some light on their Notebook-esque  love affair with a 20 year history.

Strap in guys, this is where it gets emotional.

“Frank and Sylvia have known each other for more than 20 years, and Frank has ‘many times’ asked Sylvia to marry him.

“Sylvia has always refused, thinking that to take a new surname would be disrespectful to her deceased husband. A year ago Sylvia took ill and moved to Canberra to be near her family, and Frank thought all hope was lost.” *sniffle*

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“When Sylvia recovered, she found Frank, who was living in Adelaide, and convinced him to move to Canberra to be with her. Frank arrived a couple of months ago and again asked Sylvia to marry him,” the post continues.


“Sylvia had learned that you can keep your own surname when you marry, and so said yes.”

WE'RE NOT CRYING. (Image: Giphy)

Thanks to the help of over 5,000 helpful Facebook commenters, we're pleased to report Sylvia chose the long-sleeved lace elegance of option C, while also keeping the simple and sleek option D for another occasion.

Which option would you have chosen for Sylvia? (as always, lovely comments only please)