Mamamia recaps the Grammys red carpet: Oh. The music industry has lost its collective mind.


Please tell your Aunt Joanne to be QUIET because we have some serious dissecting to do.

You see, it’s Grammys day.

Which means celebrities are currently fighting each other for the most attention-seeking red carpet arrival and, obviously, we must talk about it.

Lizzo has quite literally emerged as a beacon of sanity amidst a crowd of Hollywood insanity.

Behold, the eight red carpet scenes that require your immediate attention.

Ariana Grande has sore feet, pls.


Ariana Grande has reached the level of fame whereby she can decide to take a seat in the middle of the Grammys’ red carpet because A) she’s bored B) she’s over wearing heels and C) Lizzo can wait, thanks.

grammys red carpet 2020
"Just give me 10 mins, k?"

Well. Some people need to spend time in the naughty corner.

Look. When there are people like Lizzo on the red carpet:

grammys red carpet 2020
Lizzo looks DIVINE. Div-ine.

And Jameela Jamil:

grammys red carpet 2020
Hello, Jameela Jamil

And literal Hollywood royalty in the form of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend:

grammys red carpet 2020
All hail John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

I feel as though it is inappropriate to be doing things such as... this.

Rebel grammys red carpet 2020

But also this.

Megan Pormer grammys red carpet 2020
Lizzo would not be impressed. Actually, who am I kidding, yes she would.

His name is Ricky Rebel and he's a singer. Allegedly.

Obviously, he eventually got escorted away.

grammys red carpet 2020
Just because your name is "Rebel" doesn't mean you have to... never mind.


Relatedly, please dress up more.

Excuse me. But Australian producer Flume and his girlfriend Paige Elkington were, frankly, horrifically under-dressed.

grammys red carpet 2020
Sorry, but are you aware that YOU ARE AT THE GRAMMYS.

Sir, please tuck in your shirt. But more importantly, why are you wearing runners????????

"Don't talk to me."

Billie Eilish has found one way to avoid small talk. Honestly, what a problem solver. What a bad guy. (Apologies.)

grammys red carpet 2020
Billie Eilish is an actual genius.
grammys red carpet 2020
"I'm srs."

The political statements were... extensive.

Oh. While Ariana was having a good ol' sit down, the next in line for the red carpet were making loud political statements in unorthodox ways.

For example, actress Megan Pormer whose dress stated "NO WAR IRAN" while wearing the United States and Iran flags in the form of a cape.

Megan Pormer grammys red carpet 2020
Actress Megan Pormer took the time to campaign.

And also Joy Villa being... Joy Villa.

grammys red carpet 2020
I don't know for sure, but I think she wants President Donald Trump to be re-elected this year.

Mosquito nets had a moment.

Ain't nobody got time to be bitten by mosquitoes at the Grammys, am I right Billy Porter?

grammys red carpet 2020
Billy Porter is under there. Allegedly.

Porter wins most practical outfit of the night award.

The Jonas Brothers were in attendance.

And their wives. All six of them are nice to look at.

That is all.

grammys red carpet 2020
Not sure if the year is 2008.
Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra grammys red carpet 2020
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. They are... beautiful.
Sophie Turner grammys red carpet 2020
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.
grammys red carpet 2020
Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas.

Tyler the Creator revealed his side hustle.

Oh. It turns out Tyler the Creator is also a bellboy in his spare time. He had a shift ending precisely 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the Grammys.

He therefore didn't have time to change etc etc.

grammys red carpet 2020
I like that he not just brought a suitcase, but he packed it too. And opened it up to show all his Hollywood friends.

To conclude, Hollywood has lost its sh*t. And honestly, same.

Feature image and all images used in this article are from Getty Images. 

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