A 27-year-old man has been found guilty of the murder of Grace Millane.

The man who has been on trial for the death of Grace Millane has been found guilty of murder. He cannot be named due to a suppression order.

On Friday, a jury came to the unanimous decision that the 27-year-old man murdered the 21-year-old woman after meeting her on a Tinder date.

The New Zealand Herald reports that Grace’s parents were in the courtroom and “embraced” when the guilty verdict was passed down.

The man is due to be sentenced on February 21.

grace millane missing backpacker
Grace Millane was murdered by a 27-year-old man, after meeting him on a Tinder date. Image: Facebook.

Grace Millane, from Essex, was on an around-the-world trip when she arrived in Auckland, New Zealand. She was only there for 10 days before she met a man on the dating app Tinder who killed her on their first meeting, the day before her 22nd birthday in December 2018.

The court heard that she met the man on December 1, when the two visited a number of bars in the city centre.

They kissed, before walking arm-in-arm a short distance to the lobby of the CityHigh hotel where the man was staying.

CCTV footage showed Grace follow him out of the lift at 9.41pm toward his apartment.

CCTV showed Grace and the accused in the hours before her death. Image: Supplied.

Sometime that evening or early the following morning Grace Millane died as a result of pressure on her neck.

During a police confession prior to the man's arrest, the man said he had sex with Grace, and later woke to find her unresponsive. He claimed he then "panicked" and disposed of her body.

Evidence was presented in court which suggested Grace was interested in the sexual practice of BDSM, which stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism.

Auckland Crown Solicitor Brian Dickey told the court that while Millane "had a modest interest" in BDSM, "so what?"

"She didn't ask to be killed," he said according to the Herald.

"You can't ask to be killed in this country, you can't consent to murder."

And today, the jury of seven men and five women confirmed that Grace Millane did not die by accident. She was murdered.

At the start of it all, in an opening address, the defence's Ron Mansfield described Grace as a "loving, bright, engaging, intelligent and well-liked woman".

"That is her reputation," he said, "and that should be her reputation and memory at the start of this trial and at the conclusion of it."

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