"Here's to strong women." GoPro's message on International Women's Day.

GoPro has an important message this International Women’s Day.

As part of their campaign ‘GoPro Girls’, the American manufacturer of action cameras has produced a short film that celebrates strong and adventurous women.

GoPro is known for its capacity to capture extreme action, from climbing, to surfing, to parachuting. Given its association with sport and risk-taking, the device has become a staple for young men.

But GoPro recognised the role socialisation was having on its audience. There is nothing within men that makes them more active. There is nothing within men that makes them more brave.

So, the small camera has set out to challenge our assumptions about gender. The video “Here’s to Strong Women” embraces all women, from the bread winners to the bread bakers. From the musicians, to the engineers, to the athletes. From the women who paint their nails, to the women who don’t. Women, in all their diversity, are strong and bold.

Their parting message is one we can all reflect upon this International Women’s Day.

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we raise them.

May we be them.