Google found five key elements you need to be in a successful team.

No one can argue that Google isn’t a successful business.

What we really want to know though is what makes it so darn great. The online company did some inside research and looked at what makes a Google team effective.

Google’s, re: Work said they conducted over 200 interview with Google’s employees over two years. They looked at a lot of attributes and active Google teams. They thought they’d discover the individual skills needed to create a ‘perfect’ team.

What makes a 'perfect' team? Image via iStock.

But what they found in successful doesn't come down to individual skills at all. They discovered the most important aspect of a successful team is about the way team members interact, how they structure their work and how they view each other's contributions.

They found five key elements you need to be in a successful team, and ultimately to succeed in your career. Here are their findings (via Google, re: Work).

What traits do you think you need to be a successful employee?

Google's top 5 traits you need to succeed...

How many have you got?