The top food searches of 2014. (According to Google.)


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The results are in, food lovers.

Google has released its annual list of the trends everyone has been talking about – and obsessively searching for – this year, and on the whole it seems we’re captivated by ‘superfoods’. (Are we surprised though, really?)

According to the latest Year in Search data, people were keen to eat well this year, with many health foods topping the Google search list. This year, it was all about goji berries and chia seeds, bumping 2013’s winners, kale and quinoa, out of the top spots.

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But it takes more than just healthy food to stay healthy. Diets have always been popular, and this year was no different.

The Paleo Diet was the talk of the town – well, the internet – this year, topping the diets Google search list, accompanied by the Atkins Diet, Mediterranean Diet and  Gluten Free Diet.

On the topic of gluten: although it’s a household word these days, apparently very few of us know what gluten actually is. Gluten came fourth in the top 10 searches beginning with ‘What Is…’, following ebola, ALS and love, and placing one position above Tinder.

Dear Kale. It’s over. There are new superfoods in town.


Some of the top calorie searches this year include “How many calories are in a banana?” Other fruits, such as apples, watermelon, and oranges, were also a concern. Other calorie concerns were “How many calories are in a Big Mac?” and “How many calories are in a slice of pizza?”

Not-so-healthy foods were also huge on Google this year. Pizza was an immensely popular search, while more and more people jumped on the cronut bandwagon – and some even made their own at home.

However, people were more keen to eat out this year, with more people searching for ‘restaurant’ than ‘recipe’. Perhaps this is because restaurant food looks so much better on Instagram than a failed attempt at kale lasagne. There are some things a good filter just can't remedy.

But there were still a few intrepid souls who were keen to cook at home.

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A lot of households would’ve eaten a lot of chicken this year, with chicken recipes topping the list. Also popular were meatball recipes and banana bread recipes (perhaps this also explains the calorie searches for banana?).

What foods were you talking about this year? Share them in the comments.