Google's new game is the reason you'll get no work done today.

Warning: You will get addicted. You will waste time. You will question humanity.

We don’t want to undersell this:

Google has just invented a new game, and it is the GREATEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

The geniuses at Google have combined their autofill top answers (which is what happens when you begin typing a word or question into Google search engine – it will automatically try to guess what you are asking, based on the top searches) with a Family Feud style quiz.


This is how it works:

Choose a category. Culture, People, Names or Questions. We started with Questions.

Google Feud asked us, ‘How does Google autocomplete this query?’ The question was ‘can you sell your…’ and we had to guess the rest.

Hmmmm. What would people search for beginning with ‘can you sell your…’?

This was our first attempt. Evidently, no one is asking Google if they can sell their house on eBay.

No. This was not in the top ten searches, so Google gave us a giant red cross. Strike one! Second attempt:

Can you sell your kidney, Mr Google?

NO. Apparently, not many people ask Google if their kidneys are up for sale (relief). Second strike.

Two strikes. Pressure is on.

Third and final attempt: Can you sell your BODY? Google gave us a third strike, and then the most searched answers:


It is very, very addictive. You have to try it here.

But first, tell your boss you are about to do a very long, important conference call. Twenty minutes, minimum.

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