Six Podcasts to listen to in crappy weather.

If you’ve looked at the weather report over the past 24 hours, you know things are about to get pretty hairy outside. Especially if you live on the East coast of Australia.

In the words of Ned Stark, winter has finally…er, come.

And it’s cold.

So wack on your furry socks, grab a cuppa tea and settle on in for a weekend inside. And while you’re there why don’t you plug in some headphones and get some good podcasts into your ears?

We have the perfect suggestions from our very own Podcast Team.

1. Welcome to Night Vale

It is a fictional story told week by week about a small, desert town, hosted by the ever elusive Cecil Baldwin. Snuggle up and tune in, and drift into the magical, spooky world of Night Vale. Word of warning – once you start it will be hard to stop. – Lizzie, Assistant Producer.

2. The Well

After listening to The Well, you will feel like all your life problems have been sold. It’s the perfect podcast for life advice – like listening to two wise friends who you would consult every aspect of your life with. – Lize, Producer

3. 99% Invisible.

99% Invisible focuses on design and architecture. Think of it as the Grand Designs of the Podcast World. Roman Mars’ voice is like drinking a hot chocolate on a cold winters day. – Monique, Podcast Director

4. You Must Remember This.

This is like the podcast equivalent of a Saturday afternoon rainy-day movie-fest. There are shows within shows. From a 12 part series on Charles Manson’s Hollywood to Elizabeth Taylor’s days at MGM, this podcast has an episode for everyone. – Holly, General Manager, Podcasts.

5. Nitty Gritty Committee

If you want real people’s stories, look no further than Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee. About the guts and the glory of life. – Lize, Producer

6. Stuff Mom Never Told You.

Get a taster with one of their genius videos:

We all need a little winter brain training. This podcast is smart, Informative, witty, quirky and captivating. These two girls will make you laugh and keep you interested. It will be like listening to your big sister. – Monique, Podcast Director

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