One unassuming detail in the background of Hana's Tinder photo has divided social media.

A picture paints a thousand words, and when it comes to your Tinder profile, you can hedge your bets that a swiper is looking at your slightly blurry selfie trying to find a spark that will set off a stream of banal banter.

Tinder user Hana Michels knows this to be true.

Going for a photo that was a little bit quirky, a little bit funny – a conversation starter if you will, there was one background detail that had 23 men messaging to tell her she was doing life wrong.

See if you can spot it…

Here’s a clue: Look at the toilet paper.

As you can see Hana is one of those people that hangs her toilet paper under instead of over.

Sharing her Tinder struggles on Twitter, in just four days her original tweet has already had 9100 likes, 750 comments and 1000 retweets – with users arguing among themselves in the comments.




Even her roommate Allie got involved:

According to the original patent for toilet paper, loo roll should sit over, and yet, the debate rages on. There’s even a Wikipedia article on toilet paper orientation… because, of course there is.

Please help us settle this debate: Should you hang your toilet paper over and under? Tell us in the comments below.

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